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“There is a definite mind/body/emotion connection in our being-ness, as reported in many studies over the last 30 years. One’s state of wellness determines how they feel, both energetically and emotionally. I have always been intrigued and motivated to discover how our body works, the internal mechanism, how the mind and emotions play their part, and why some people feel good and others not, both acutely and chronically.”


After gaining my Medical Degree in 2005

I felt discontent with an incomplete model of health and lost interest in going further within allopathic medicine. Rather than continuing within the contemporary medical community, I turned my focus towards integrative, natural medicine; paying particular attention to diet/nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques as the foundation of good health. I began teaching at Nova Community College in 2010 and continue as the Director of the Student Learning Center.

Having learned of Premier Research Labs’ superior quality herbal products through my mother years ago, I was fascinated to meet Lauren to learn she uses a Quantum Reflex Analysis to help clients know where there is an imbalance in their biofield, and what supplements are needed to restore the person’s bio-energetic field.

I saw Lauren (myself as a client) for over a year.

The great part of QRA is that I knew exactly what herbal supplements were needed; within just a couple of weeks, I felt physical and mentally better than I had in many years. My “wellness” improved even more as we honed in on the physical trauma sites from back, head, and chest injuries and began emotional repolarization technique (ERT), for the next year.

I looked into becoming a QRA practitioner and was trained by Premier Research through the Master QRA Level. Over the last several years I have used herbal extracts for clients, assessing imbalances through the acu-pressure meridian model using QRA. The treatments have helped people enhance their wellness, through whole foods, proper nutrition, exercise and relaxation technique.

Society is now learning to recognize the natural healing abilities of the body and that we can enhance it whenever it gets out of balance.

The contemporary allopathic pharmaceutical model is becoming worn out. Many people are now finding other means to take care of a dis-ease, to find the root cause, not just to alleviate symptoms, but rather how to completely resolve the issue.

Natural medicine assesses at various levels- the specific area of occurrence, as well as the whole person as a distinct unit; looking toward what system, or part of another organ system, may be causing the problem being sought help for. Educating people toward individual healing techniques and daily living plans is an area both Lauren and I emphasized.

The principle career goal of mine over the next 30+ years is to work within academia, research and a clinical practice to discover and provide compliments to the organism’s natural wellness and healing capacities. I love seeing a good thing work and look forward to putting in time and energy with the natural medicine environment for a great cause- betterment of humankind’s wellness. I am presently receiving a degree as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Portland Oregon

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