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PRL is a GMP registered facility monitored by the FDA. The FDA now requires that all nutritional supplement manufacturers must comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. PRL products are manufactured in rooms with controlled temperature, humidity and dust conditions. Before each production run, the manufacturing equipment is cleaned, sanitized and then inspected by an experienced quality control team

PRL purchases only the highest quality raw materials from all over the world including the Americas, Asian and European sources. They travel the world to locate the highest quality ingredients and test to assure the active constituents are the most potent and grown in organically or wild harvested conditions. In photochemistry it is known that the active constituents of a plant are highest when grown in conditions of their ideal climate.


Quality Control

PRL has a quality control program for the manufacturing of their nutritional supplements that is unparalleled in the nutri­tion industry. They have over 20 years of expertise in product testing and research to ensure that the consumer receives only the very best “Nu­trition That Really Works”®. Their elabo­rate testing methods are designed to produce absolutely reliable and con­sistent nutrient quality in all prod­ucts.

Premier Research Labs (“PRL”) conducts scientific laboratory testing with state-of-the-art High Performance Liquid Chromatography technol­ogy and proprietary bioenergetics testing of all ingredients. Every incoming container of raw material and all finished products are tested for purity, potency and reliability. In addition, all ingredients are then tested with state-of-the-art Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA™) 4-Polarity testing to ensure the customer is con­sistently getting the best quality worldwide.

PRL Promise

PRL offers nutrition that really works, without the risk of damage to the cell.

All products are 100% Guaranteed to Not Contain:

  • Magnesium stearate, an undesirable oil that can suppress the immune system
  • Animal glandulars with toxic tagalongs and unwanted animal hormones
  • Tablets with toxic tagalong binders and fillers
  • Excipients – Excipients are highly questionable (often problematic) fillers and binders, which are commonly added to nutritional products.

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Solvent free vegetable capsules

Most all of PRL encapsulated products are made of solvent-free vegetable capsules or soft gels. These capsules are superior to base or gelatin capsules and ensure a healthier, safer product for the consumer. Key benefits of vegetable capsules include:

  • Nutrients retained in their original form
  • No damaging heat or pressure
  • No degrading of nutrients
  • Typically 50% better absorption than tablets
  • Easily breaks down in the stomach
  • No undesirable glues, binders or lubricants

Violite® Containers – An Industry 1st

PRL created an industry first with the development of unique, first-of-its-kind Violite® bottles to assure maximum protection of our ingredients. Violite® is PRL patent-pending, dark violet-colored, PET plastic bottle engineered to block the light frequencies from 450-720 nanometers, which create radiation damage to ingredi­ents. In addition, PRL protects its prod­ucts from tampering with foil induction seals and shrink seals.


PRL distributes its nutritional supplements exclusively to qualified trained health pro­fessionals. PRL has distributors throughout the world, including Eu­rope, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, South Africa and the Middle East. In the United States products are shipped only by UPS, which guarantees that products will not be irridated.

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