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30 Minute Consultation with Lauren Hayden

These consultations can include any of the following individual or group services

Functional Lab Analysis Review

  • Review your lab reports in the functional range
  • Provide insight and clues to the meaning of the reports
  • Provide you with a detailed report

QRA Exam (in person only) prerequisite initial consultation

  • 7 point acupuncture meridian evaluation of target organ system
  • Identify nutritional support or deficiency needed to rebalance the organ of gland
  • Identify internal detoxification needed to relieve stress to the organ or gland system
  • Identify the root cause or causes of imbalance
  • Explanation of the physiology of the imbalance

    Dietary Counseling Follow up (In Person, Phone or Skype)

  • Adjust the next step to your program
  • Review your progress and provide the next step toward your goal
  • Provide an update to you existing program for four weeks

Weight Management Review (In Person, Phone or Skype)

  • Adjust and make changes to update your dietary or weight management program
  • Revise your detailed program for you to follow
  • Recommended weekly evaluation and update to move you closer to your goals

External Detoxification

  • Instructions for home energy rejuvenation therapy
  • Castor oil packs
  • Coffee enema’s

Interference field testing.

  • Locating interference fields and their corresponding command center and reflex point
  • Provide the best product match to repolarize the energy field restoring coherence and communication to the biofield

Emotional Repolarization Technique

  • Meet personally with Lauren each month to evaluate emotional interferences that are preventing you from attaining fabulous health
  • Provide you with the information to bring home with you for daily clearance program


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