Premier Skin Care Kit

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Live Source Botanical Formula

Alcohol, Preservative and Chemical Free

For Beautiful, Radiant and Healthy Skin

Code 9001: Kit includes (more than 2 months supply):

  • 1 bottle Facial Cleanser(4 fl oz)
  • 1 bottle Facial Tonic (4 fl oz)
  • 1 bottle Skin Serum (1 fl oz)
  • 1 jar Colostrum Repair Cream (1.5 oz)



The only skin care on Earth where every ingredient is a live-source, beneficial nutrient promoting super beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. This world class 4-product kit features high energy, premier quality skin nutrients. These amazing, premier quality botanical agents allow for efficient nutrient absorption and completely eliminate the need for undesirable preservatives and chemicals. When these 4 products are used together, they provide state of the art skin nutrition and promote skin rejuvenation.

  • Advanced Premier Nutrient Technology
  • No age-accelerating undesirable chemicals
  • No synthetic fragrances or preservatives such as parabens
  • No artificial thickeners, coloring agents or harmful chemicals

The Premier Skin Care Kit includes more than a 2 month supply of the following:

  • 1 bottle (4 fl oz) Premier Facial Cleanser – Our botanical extracts easily and gently remove grease, dirt, daily grime and make-up and is free from harmful detergents, chemicals or dyes.Recommended Use: Wet your skin with warm water. Gently work a small amount of Premier Facial Cleanser into your skin. Rinse Thoroughly.
  • 1 bottle (4 fl oz) Premier Facial Tonic – delivers quantum resonance botanicals directly to skin cells. this live source formula (perfect for both men and women with all skin types) nurtures and balances skin for maximum performance of premier skin nutrients while gently refining for healthy, radiant skin. This alcohol-free formula contains NO sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrances, preservatives (parabens), artificial thickeners, coloring agents or undesirable chemicals. Recommended Use: First, cleanse your face and neck with a non-toxic cleanser. Next, gently apply Premier Facial Tonic to the face and neck using cotton pads. Now your skin is prepared to use nourishing botanical extracts to feed your skin.
  • 1 bottle (1 fl oz) Premier Skin Serum is made exclusively with premier quality botanicals for the most advanced technology in skin care nourishment, for deep-penetrating skin nutrition. Experience a new paradigm of skin care for truly rejuvenated skin, not just a temporary “plumping up” of skin with cheap propylene glycol (commonly used in department store creams). Recommended Use: Apply a dime-sized portion of Premier Skin Serum to your cleansed face, morning and evening. Use alone or before applying makeup.
  • 1 jar (1.5 oz) Colostrum Repair Cream is a world class colostrum formula features premier quality, whole colostrum to promote healthy, radiant skin. Our fabulous cream with its unique Nano-Pure Serum™ base contains absolutely no undesirable chemicals: no parabens, propylene glycol, or polysorbate. This cream is simply the best skin care delivery system we have ever discovered. Recommended Use: Massage 1/8 teaspoon cream into target skin areas 2 times daily. Especially great for the face, around eyes, hands, legs, feet and wrinkles.

Use all 4 Premier Skin Care products together for optimal results.

Recommended Use:

See above or refer to product labels below for correct usage or ask your healthcare practitioner.

Ingredients and Product Labels:


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