Vastu-Designed, 5-Tier Home Enhancement Device

Calms and harmonizes chaotic EMF from electric devices

Simply Plug the Q-Circuit into an electric outlet

Code: 3415 (each)



The Q-Circuit is a Vastu-Designed, 5-Tier Home Enhancement Device.

The Q-Circuit is a small 5-tier unit with attractive mirrored surfaces; used for Vastu enhancement of your home or office.

Recommended Use:

Place in a wall socket near these five key home appliances: refrigerator, computer, wi-fi router, TV and SmartMeter. If the SmartMeter is on an outside wall, you may place the Q-Circuit on an internal wall opposite the location of the SmartMeter. If you have more than one TV or computer, place a Q-Circuit near each device. The Q-Circuit is effective for up to 10 feet in any direction.

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