SEDU Energy Ball


The Subtle Detection Energy Ball (S.E.D.U.) is a subtle energy detection unit used to demonstrate the body's bioenergetic field. It can be used to show bio-energy in one or individuals or throughout a group of people.



The S.E.D.U. (Subtle Energy Detection Unit) is a great tool to demonstrate a bio-circuit as well as bio-connectivity. By touching both the metal strips at the same time, you are closing the circuit, resulting in the SEDU ball lighting up and emitting sound. This works well with two or more people and all age groups.

It is a great illustrator of how we are all energetically connected. In one example, a group of 75 people were “hooked up” by finger touch in a large circle. When the SEDU was touched by two people in the group, it lit up, demonstrating that a bio-circuit was completed even with a large group of people.

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