Coconut Oil, Premier


Dietary Supplement

Virgin, Raw, Organic Coconut Oil

One of the Healthiest Oils in the World

Code: 1337 (18 oz/container)



Premier Coconut Oil contains raw, virgin, organic coconut oil.  Coconut oil is one of the most versatile and healthiest oils to add to daily smoothies, salads and other foods.  Due to its high smoke point, it is excellent for cooking and sauteing, and also blends well with other oils.

Premier Coconut Oil is easy to digest and has a luscious, full coconut flavor and aroma.  It is an example of first-class nutrition that is an ideal oil for baby foods and is an impressive source of beneficial fatty acids that is naturally free of trans fats.

Our coconut oil is not bleached, deodorized or hydrogenated, as seen with commonly available coconut oils that may be compromised and best avoided.  We package our oil in custom made, light-blocking, nontoxic, PET plastic.  During the extraction process, this oil is centrifuged, not pressed, which we believe yields a richer, more delectable coconut taste.

Recommended Use:

Adults:  Take 1 tablespoon daily mixed in smoothies, salad dressings, grain dishes, desserts, snacks, etc.

Infants and Children (ages 10 and under):  Take 2 teaspoons daily mixed in food.

Note:  Once the container is opened and refrigerated, use within 90 days.  Please refrigerate after opening.

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