Q-Disc 3.0


Cell Phone Energy Harmonizer

For all Cell Phones

Bioenergetically Supports the Cell Phone User

Code: 3243 (oval 1″ x 11/16″)



The Q-Disc 3.0 is truly the Next Generation, “Smart Cell Phone Disc. This new, ultra-thin, sleek high polarity disc is the ultimate in cell phone harmonization for any type of cell phone, including the newer cell phones and tablets. In creating this disc, our goal was to bioenergetically support the cell phone user.

Recommended Use:

Gently clean the exterior surface on the back of your cell phone to eliminate any dust or grime. Then simply peel off the adhesive on the back of the Q-Disc and then firmly place the Q-Disc on the back of the cell phone, approximately in the middle Please keep the Q-Disc on your cell phone at all time. Avoid getting the Q-Disc wet. If your cell phone (and its Q-Disc) accidentally get immersed in water, please return the Q-Disc for reconditioning (for a small fee). Please do not open the Q-Disc to view its internal media; if you do so, some of its granular elements may escape and thus render your Q-Disc inoperable.

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