Whey Peptein™


100 percent Premier Whey Protein, min 15% Glycomacropeptides

The Gold Standard in Full-Bodied, Great Tasting Protein Powder

Code: 0950 (10 oz/powder)



Whey Peptein™ is premier quality whey protein that is not highly heated. It is produced by ultrafiltration at a very low temperature to preserve the delicate glycomacropeptides (GMP’s) (15% typically), unlike other products that may have less than 10% or no glycomacropeptides.

The great taste and quality of Whey Peptein™ makes it the perfect protein for your daily shake.  Whey Peptein delivers a full powerhouse of healing compounds including immunoglobulins, GMP’s, lactoferrin, and amino acids  that promotes lean body mass, muscle growth  and boosts energy. It readily mixes with liquids.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 tablespoons, 2 times daily blended in 8 oz. of water,  juice or mix with kefir (our favorite). May also be blended in smoothies, cereal, sprinkled on deserts, etc.

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