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Real stories posted by people who have worked with Lauren Hayden and Live Well



blood pressure testimonial


"I was concerned about rising blood pressure now at 147/80. As a professional tennis athlete and coach, I had a family history of high blood pressure, Lauren tested my heart and circulatory points. My energy and stamina improved in days. After just 6 weeks my blood pressure normalized, from 147/80 to 120/70. I am very thankful to Lauren." - Francis


digestive testimonial


"I suffered with poor digestion, IBS, weight gain and recently lost my gallbladder. Since working with Lauren in February 2014, I have lost 17 lbs, have the energy to exercise and am digesting and eliminating my food. After 15 years, I was also able to stop taking Prevacid for acid-reflux. I feel like I have regained my quality of life and am liberated to perform my work and live life on my terms." - Rita


vision testimonial


"On December 8, 2011 my Retinologist diagnosed me with a macular hole in my right eye. Surgery to close the hole was scheduled for mid- January 2012. I went to my QRA practitioner at Live Well and was tested to see what nutrients and treatments I could use to prevent this surgery.

I was tested with QRA and began a 21 day nutrition program to provide the nutrients needed for optimal eye health. In addition, my practitioner applied highly ionized clays to my eye and the brain command center a technique called energy rejuvenation therapy.

On January 5, 2012, I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon. The eye exam indicated that the macular hole was no longer visible. The surgery was cancelled.

I am very grateful for Live Well, and their commitment to bringing holistic natural alternative healing to Virginia." - Rebecca


athletic performance testimonial


"I am training for the U.S. Olympic team in wrestling.. Since working with Lauren in 2013, I have gained 15 lbs of muscle mass, increased my strength, energy, mental clarity, and focus. I also had no cavities which I attribute to the bone mineral program.

Lauren also provided me with a corrective exercise program to keep my body structurally in balance and a myofascia program which was amazing. I also have multiple interference fields from accidents and blunt force trauma that I continuously receive treatments for.

Lauren has a wealth of knowledge in athletics, nutrition and life. I recommend her to everyone." - Michael


longevity testimonial


"I have been working with Lauren for two years. She first helped me to strengthen my lower back and gave me exercises to improve my posture and sciatic nerve impingement. Since working with Lauren I have experienced improvements in my sleep, memory, digestion, energy and no longer experience heart arrhythmia.

The energy rejuvenation therapy had a profound effect on my heart. Lauren was able to trace my heart palpitation and mild arrythmia back over 60 years when I fell and broke my left clavical on the boardwalk at age 4. This trauma was reflexing and sedating energy flow to my heart.

After the ERT clay therapy to my clavicle and the brain command center, I am no longer experiencing the heart arrythmia." - Nancy


emotional trauma testimonial


"Lauren Hayden was a terrific help to me using Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT). She was able to identify exactly when I had experienced trauma in my life as a child and helped me heal that specific area in my life. It was like a watershed. I see Lauren as a true healer with special gifts, sensitivity, empathy and intelligence in the area of mental health.

Lauren then showed me how I could perform the ERT on myself and therefore heal myself through a daily process, targeting specific areas in my life where I had trauma. I am very grateful to Lauren for the help she has given to me and guiding me so that I can heal myself. She gave and did for me what all the years and years, of talk therapy never did. Forgiveness is absolutely key and essential.

Time heals all wounds and with work, perseverance, proper guidance and love, one can over come the deepest traumas and emotional injuries. I highly recommend Lauren for any ERT treatment that one needs to go through to completely heal ones self, hence move forward in their lives.

After less than 6 months of emotional repolarization, I was able to let go of past trauma that was preventing me from being the person that I was designed to be. I have been able to let the past go and begin a career in real estate and a new life. " - S


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