Group Detoxification Coaching Program

Group Detoxification Coaching Program Via Zoom

4 (30 minute) Sessions With Power Point and Q & A

$ 100

Group On-Line Detoxification Coaching Program

This program is complementary for clients  registered in a program who want weekly support and educational material.  This program is also also open to anyone seeking information on detoxification in an educational group setting.  This online zoom conference will provide you with current science based information on detoxification therapies. Classes will be taught via powerpoint by our board certified nutrition and health professionals or through video conferencing as workshops.

What you will receive:

  • 4 30-minute zoom classes with a board-certified holistic nutrition professional with 10 years in nutrition and detoxification coaching
  • Link to access the recorded program
  • includes  Q & A 
  • Topics will  include:
  •  What detoxification really means
  • Why we need to detoxify
  • How detoxification supports our health and immune system
  • What assessments services are recommended, based on symptoms and client history
  • At home treatment therapies including: 
  • Home clay detoxification therapy
  • Liver Gallbladder Flush
  • Coffee Enema Procedure
  • Castor Oil Therapy