Let’s Get Started

To navigate your journey back to radiant health and well-being, you will need a professional coach with a detailed road map.

Two Simple Steps to Get Started
on Your Health Journey

Let’s Get Started the Right Way! To be successful in achieving  your wellness destination you will need to have a guide and a roadmap.

Here are two simple steps to get you started on your health journey  

Step 1:  Become a Member, Schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session

  • Complete a brief questionnaire and receive a 30-minute complimentary strategy session with a functional medicine professional
  • Receive a password that provides:
    • 10% off all products classes and assessments
    • Access to ALL products on our website
    • Access to ALL services on our website

Step 2:  Become a Client, Schedule an Initial Consultation

  • Complete a Comprehensive History
  • Schedule your Initial Consultation
  • Gain access to your ideal program
  • Gain access to your ideal assessment

Strategy Session

30 Minutes
Via phone or zoom, save 10% on products

$ 0
  • The complimentary strategy session is your gateway to our website and introduction to identify the appropriate product, service or assessment best suited for your individual health and wellness goals. Complete a brief questionaire, gain full website product access, receive a 10 percent discount off all products and speak with us.

Initial Health Consultation

90 Minutes
In person or via zoom

$ 399
  • The Initial Health Consultation is your second step to get started on your healing journey with Live Well. It includes a 90-minute consultation with a functional medicine consultant to review your health history. Together we will explore your history to uncover clues to your health and offer enlightening insights to direct your healing program.