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Our Simple, Three Step
Healing Process

Our simple three step process gains you access to our all our website products, provides you with a 10 percent product discount and allows us to serve you and provide you with the best products and services available in the functional medicine industry.

Step 1:  Schedule your Free Strategy Session

Step 2:  Book an Initial Health Consultation

Step 3:  Register for a Program or an Assessment


Strategy Session

30 Minutes
Via phone or zoom, save 10% on products

$ 0
  • The complimentary strategy session is your gateway to our website and introduction to identify the appropriate product, service or assessment best suited for your individual health and wellness goals. Complete a brief questionaire, gain full website product access, receive a 10 percent discount off all products and speak with us.

Initial Health Consultation

90 Minutes
In person or via zoom

$ 399
  • The Initial Health Consultation is your first step to get started on your healing journey with Live Well. It includes a 90-minute consultation with a functional medicine consultant to review your health history. Together we will explore your history to uncover clues to your health and offer enlightening insights to direct your healing program.