NADH, Premier


NADH Performance Formula

Promotes Premier Brain, Memory and Oxygen Support

Code: 0510 (30 caps/bottle)



NADH also known as coenzyme 1, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide with hydrogen is an essential complex in the cellular respiration process. It is the spark of life that ignites energy production in the body’s cells. NADH plays a central role in DNA repair and maintenance, and in the cellular immune defense system. Research shows that NADH can significantly enhance athletic performance by promoting oxygen utilization for memory, enhanced alertness and muscle function. This formula by PRL provides a generous 10 mg per capsule.

NADH is a potent antioxidant which may promote longevity and vitality and may help maintain healthy brain function. Studies show that NADH maintains healthy brain function because it can inhibit the auto-oxidation of dopamine which is the neurotransmitter that releases toxic chemicals that can damage parts of the brain.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule, 2 times daily. Optimal Oral Delivery: To open a capsule, twist it to break the lock, then empty contents under your tongue and hold for 2 minutes before swallowing.

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