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Ginger Green Tea with Honey Recipe

Halt Inflammation, With Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Green Tea & Honey Medicinal Benefits of Green Tea High in antioxidants – helps to fight free radicals Brightens the appearance of skin Anti-inflammatory- reduces oxidative stress and pain Anti-cancer – support immune function, promotes …

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Improve Your Bone & Gut Health, Adopt a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Improve Your Gut Health, Adopt a Gluten Lifestyle This holiday season, I am inviting you to consider incorporating one dietary change that will have a huge positive impact on your family’s health……  Adopt a Gluten Free Lifestyle! We know how …

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Achieve Radiant Health and Well-Being This Flu Season

As the colder months are upon us, we will be spending more time indoors. It’s not unusual during this season to feel the effects of a weakened immune system – whether a stuffy nose, cough, watery eyes, painful ears. And …

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Functional Blood Chemistry, The Future of Medicine Has Arrived

Title:  Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis,  The Future of Medicine Has Arrived Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis-Prevent Disease, Live Well  Functional blood chemistry analysis provides a sophisticated interpretation of a “standard” blood chem screen and CBC with focus on changes in physiology …

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Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX

Title:  Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX Live Well Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX             What comes to mind when we think about toxicity? You may think of asbestos in buildings, a toxic waste dump site, perhaps tainted water (like the Detroit scandal …

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Wild Caught Salmon, A Super Food & Recipe

Wild Caught Salmon, A Super Food & Recipe Salmon, A healthy Animal Protein It’s hard to find an animal protein that most health experts agree is good for us – salmon may be the one. A plentiful fatty fish found …

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