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Improve Your Bone & Gut Health, Adopt a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Improve Your Gut Health, Adopt a Gluten Lifestyle This holiday season, I am inviting you to consider incorporating one dietary change that will have a huge positive impact on your family’s health……  Adopt a Gluten Free Lifestyle! We know how …

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Achieve Radiant Health and Well-Being This Flu Season

As the colder months are upon us, we will be spending more time indoors. It’s not unusual during this season to feel the effects of a weakened immune system – whether a stuffy nose, cough, watery eyes, painful ears. And …

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Functional Blood Chemistry, The Future of Medicine Has Arrived

Title:  Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis,  The Future of Medicine Has Arrived Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis-Prevent Disease, Live Well  Functional blood chemistry analysis provides a sophisticated interpretation of a “standard” blood chem screen and CBC with focus on changes in physiology …

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Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX

Title:  Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX Live Well Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX             What comes to mind when we think about toxicity? You may think of asbestos in buildings, a toxic waste dump site, perhaps tainted water (like the Detroit scandal …

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Wild Caught Salmon, A Super Food & Recipe

Wild Caught Salmon, A Super Food & Recipe Salmon, A healthy Animal Protein It’s hard to find an animal protein that most health experts agree is good for us – salmon may be the one. A plentiful fatty fish found …

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Medicinal Use of Clay

Mud (fango) therapy is an ancient remedy that has been used to detoxify and cleanse the body through the skin (our largest organ), and to improve energy and rejuvenate the body to feel healthier.  It is the only known treatment …

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