Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Classes

Coaching is an integral part of all our programs. Living well is a lifestyle and you need weekly support and guidance to make the changes needed to live a healthy life. Our Live Well Zoom Coaching Classes are for anyone and everyone interested in learning more about nutrition, detoxification or stress management. If enrolled in the Rejuvenation, Restoration or Stress Management Programs you receive the 30 minute classes completely free!  That’s right, you receive weekly support throughout your treatment plan to support you on your journey back to radiant health and well-being.  

With 20 years of coaching experience and over 10 plus years in the functional whole body approach to well-being, our team of professional coaches teach classes in nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle/stress management to give you the knowledge you need to lose unwanted weight, improve your diet, support your immune system and prevent or reverse many chronic diseases. Our comprehensive approach is not a band aid but a reversal in conscious change that actually brings you back to ideal health.

Group Live Coaching With Q&A

Thursday 3:00 -3:30 PM
With Lauren or her special guest

$ 0
  • Join us every Thursday at 3 pm ETS for a free Q&A session with our holistic health and nutrition expert Lauren Hayden. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our practice and unique way of healing and ask in depth questions on how to better achieve optimal health, prevent disease, and gain tips to improve your quality of life. Lauren or her guest will guide you with easy to follow nutrition, exercise, and detoxification essentials. Add this Friday's Q&A to your Google Calendar or simply join with the Zoom Link below. Give it a shot, you may be surprised with what you may learn!

Metabolic Reset Program

Saturdays 10:00-10:45 AM
4 (45 Minute) Sessions with Q & A

$ 695
  • Join us Live Saturday morning on zoom to take back control of your health. This program includes the homeopathic and herbal products you need to reset your metaboiism. With over 20 years in Weight Management, Lauren will guide you on the changes in lifestyle you need to incorporate for a lifetime of exceptional health and well-being. This live and recorded training program will provide the information you need to achieve ideal weight and learn the foundation nutrition, detoxification and lifestylei management tools to build a healthy life for you and your family.