Blood Pressure Under Control
I was concerned about rising blood pressure now at 147/80. As a professional tennis athlete and coach, I had a family history of high blood pressure, Lauren tested my heart and circulatory points. My energy and stamina improved in days. After just 6 weeks my blood pressure normalized, from 147/80 to 120/70. I am very thankful to Lauren.
Digestive Issues Resolved
I suffered with poor digestion, IBS, weight gain and recently lost my gallbladder. Since working with Lauren in February 2014, I have lost 17 lbs, have the energy to exercise and am digesting and eliminating my food. After 15 years, I was also able to stop taking Prevacid for acid-reflux. I feel like I have regained my quality of life and am liberated to perform my work and live life on my terms.
Macular Retinal Surgery Canceled
On December 8, 2011 my Retinologist diagnosed me with a macular hole in my right eye. Surgery to close the hole was scheduled for mid- January 2012. Lauren used kinesiology to test to see what nutrients and treatments I could use to prevent this surgery.

I began a 21 day nutrition program to provide the nutrients needed for optimal eye health. In addition, Lauren applied a highly ionized clay treatment to my eyes and the brain command center.

On January 5, 2012, I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon. The eye exam indicated that the macular hole was no longer visible. The surgery was cancelled. I am very grateful for Live Well, and their commitment to bringing holistic natural alternative healing to Virginia.
Improved Athletic Performance
I am training for the U.S. Olympic team in wrestling. Since working with Lauren in 2013, I have gained 15 lbs of muscle mass, increased my strength, energy, mental clarity, and focus. I also had no cavities which I attribute to the bone mineral program.

Lauren also provided me with a corrective exercise program to keep my body structurally in balance and a myofascial program which was amazing. I also have multiple interference fields from accidents and blunt force trauma that I received clay treatments for.

Lauren has a wealth of knowledge in athletics, nutrition and life. I recommend her to everyone.
Detoxification and Improved Athletic Performance
I was a competitive swimmer and Lacrosse athlete and a sophomore in High School in 2014 when I began working with Lauren to overcome fatigue, digestion, acne, and allergies I was getting shots for. After working with her my digestion improved immediately when she changed my diet and I began to have more energy. She then put me on an internal and external detoxification program and it was amazing! I was able to swim in a chlorinated pool without getting sick and as a senior I received national recognition in swimming and Lacrosse. I attribute this to working with Lauren and the amazing detox programs she designed specifically for my specialized needs.
Austin H
Heart Arrhythmia
I have been working with Lauren for five years. She first helped me to strengthen my lower back and gave me exercises to improve my posture and sciatic nerve impingement. Since working with Lauren I have experienced improvements in my sleep, memory, digestion, energy and no longer experience heart arrhythmia.

The fango (clay) energy rejuvenation therapy had a profound effect on my heart. Lauren was able to trace my heart palpitation and mild arrhythmia back over 60 years when I fell and broke my left clavical on the boardwalk at age 4. This trauma was reflexing and sedating energy flow to my heart.

After the ERT clay therapy to my clavicle and the brain command center, I am no longer experiencing the heart arrhythmia.
Emotional Trauma Relieved
Lauren Hayden was a terrific help to me using Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT). I had been through years of psychotherapy sessions but could not overcome my life trauma. Lauren coached me to open up and together we identified exactly when I had experienced trauma in my life as a child and helped me heal that specific area in my life. It was like a watershed. I see Lauren as a true healer with special gifts, sensitivity, empathy and intelligence in the area of mental health.

Lauren then showed me how I could perform the ERT on myself and therefore heal myself through a daily process, targeting specific areas in my life where I had trauma. I am very grateful to Lauren for the help she has given to me and guiding me so that I can heal myself. She gave and did for me what all the years and years, of talk therapy never did. Forgiveness is absolutely key and essential.

Time heals all wounds and with work, perseverance, proper guidance and love, one can over come the deepest traumas and emotional injuries. I highly recommend Lauren for any ERT treatment that one needs to go through to completely heal one’s self, hence move forward in their lives.

After less than 6 months of emotional repolarization, I was able to let go of past trauma that was preventing me from being the person that I was designed to be. I have been able to let the past go and begin a career in real estate and a new life.
Eczema and Mold Exposure
I’m so glad I found Lauren. I have been working with her for almost 12 months. She is very thorough and complete in getting all the information she needs, right up front. And judging by the quick results I’ve gotten on three occasions; she seems to know what she’s doing. Lauren is very skilled in using kinesiology muscle testing, which I never had much confidence in until I began working with her. She definitely has my best interests in mind. Most importantly, I totally trust her to be honoring the holistic, long-term needs of my body. I totally enjoy and look forward to my consultations with her.
Dr. Steve
Stroke Recovery And Memory
I had a stroke in 2010 and was concerned about my memory declining, I also had recurring sinus infections. Through a comprehensive analysis of my history, functional analysis of my blood chemistry and ongoing kinesiology testing Lauren has been able to unravel the stressors to my health and identify the root causes of my symptoms. She has also backed up what she finds through research studies, connecting all the links to my health. Some of the links she made include:

She linked my past use of birth control to my memory as it relates to malabsorption of fatty acids needed for brain and nervous system function and vision floaters.

My broken nose was resulting in recurring sinus infections and I am scheduled for a clay treatment.

Most important as a cosmetologist, Lauren was able to show me how my occupation as a beauty consultant was directly causing toxicity from what I was breathing and putting on my body. She is changing my life for the better.
Parasites and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
In 2011, I was stressed out fatigued had poor sleep, anxiety and was 20 pounds overweight. when I first saw Lauren. She performed QRA with me and changed my life forever. She found many nutritional deficiencies, identified heavy metals and a parasite in my gut that was robbing me of nutrients. In less than one month, I began feeling stronger and had more energy than before. Once the parasites were cleared and my pH was in range she was able to tackle the Hashimoto’s. She put me on a 3 month internal detoxification program and when my bloodwork was retested my thyroid markers and antibodies were all in the normal range! She said the body is able to heal itself when the stressors are eliminated. I had lost 15 pounds and looked and felt amazing.
Linda D
Thyroid and Prostate Cancer
I have been working with Lauren since June 2017. I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and hyperthyroidism and had a lime sized goiter on my right thyroid gland. I worked in the maintenance department of the U.S Government Printing Office in DC and was exposed to Volatile Organic Chemicals. Some of my other symptoms included incontinence, low energy and stomach burning.

Since working with Lauren my energy has greatly improved, the stomach burning has resolved, my PSA went from 7.55 to 4.0 in about eight weeks although it does fluctuate, and the lime sized goiter has disappeared. My wife and I have a strong faith in God and believe that God’s healing power through earthly plants and minerals and alternative therapies are the key to great health.
Prostate Cancer
I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and went through chemotherapy in 2016. Following the chemo, I had very low energy, my nails were turning dark and splintered, I had to walk with a cane and my knees where degenerating. Lauren has helped to improve my digestion, energy level and overall wellbeing. I am able to exercise and no longer need the cane. Lauren and my wife have dramatically improved my life and I am very thankful for Live Well.
I have been working with Lauren since November 2014. She first helped me by correcting a digestive problem. I had so much pain in my stomach that it woke me up every morning. After just 6 weeks, I have no more stomach pain. Lauren analyzed my lab work in the functional range and corrected nutritional deficiencies providing me with a great deal more energy and mental clarity.

I am a former soccer athlete and active tennis player. Exercise is so important to me and in March of 2017 an MRI to my right knee showed a great deal of damage resulting in pain and inflammation. I had a 1.5 cm tear in the meniscus, fluid was leaking out of the joint, I had a semimembranosus bursa and tendinopathy. I was concerned and did not want to have surgery to the knee. Lauren gave me corrective exercises to improved my strength and correct for biomechanical imbalances. She also put me on a nutrition program and within just 6 weeks I was back to playing tennis!! I am a true believer in the body’s ability to heal itself.
Broken Spines
I was a high school senior and nationally ranked in the top 10 in the nation in tennis getting ready to start my college tennis career when I hurt my back playing in a tournament and found out I had broken the spinal process on my vertebrae in my lower back. I took it easy for a number of months to allow it to heal only to hear my doctor tell me that it was not healing. I saw my passion for playing college tennis slip away. My dad took me to see Lauren for an evaluation. She tested me using QRA kinesiology and placed me on a nutrition and detoxification protocol which included a clay therapy to my spine. My back felt so much better within 6 weeks of the treatments and my next X-ray showed the spine had healed. Lauren also provided me with corrective and strengthening exercise programs and suggested I not play competitively the first season to allow my body to completely heal and regain the strength I would need to play at a competitive level. I am now ranked in the top 5 in the nation and playing number 1 singles in college, I recommend her to all athletes, she is gifted and passionate about her work.
Josh H.
When I met with Lauren, I had not had a period for 6 months and was afraid I would not be able to have children some day. Lauren met with me and looked at my diet, lifestyle and lab work and did a kinesiology exam. She changed my diet and gave me a few botanical supplements and within 2 weeks, I had menses! I was thrilled. I have had a somewhat normal menses now for 3 consecutive months. Later she was able to identify the cause of my hormonal imbalance and we are correcting it through detoxification.
Lizzie R