Detoxification Programs

Detoxification Programs

This is the decade of detoxification and why so many of us are sick and tired. It is why traditional medicine has struggled with finding a  “cure” to many diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disease and cancer. Environmental toxicity is the greatest threat facing our health today as shown by our recent corona-19 viral pandemic.  Toxins in tap water, prescription drugs, lawn and food chemicals, environmental pollutants, personal care products, processed and additives in food and many vitamins, and electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, microwaves and computers, coupled with mineral depletion of the soil in which our food is grown are overwhelming our immune systems ability to eliminate  toxicity, the leading cause of the escalation of all disease.

Recognizing this, Live Well has been leading the wellness industry by incorporating both internal and external detoxification as part of our wellness programs since 2008. We utilize proprietary internal and external treatment therapies using Earth resources from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. Our thorough assessment process is based on your unique history and DNA analysis using the latest in clinical lab testing to confirm the need for detoxification of both man-made and environmental toxins including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Rejuvenation: My Detoxification Essentials Disease Prevention Program

4-6 Month Program

$ 2,150
  • My Detoxification Essentials Rejuvenation Program is our foundation detoxification, nutrition, and disease prevention program. It is for those who are committed to digging deeply into a clinically supervised comprehensive detoxification program. This program is designed for those who have not been diagnosed with a serious condition or disease, who may be experiencing health challenges and symptoms of low energy, anxiety, hormonal or weight concerns.

Restoration: My Detoxification Essentials Disease Restoration Program

6-8 Month Program

$ 2,500
  • My Detoxification Essentials Restoration Program is our foundation detoxification, nutrition, and wellness restoration program. It is for those who are committed to digging deeply into a clinically supervised comprehensive detoxification program. This program will benefit everyone especially those experiencing health challenges and those with a chronic disease including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune conditions.

Group On-Line Detoxification Coaching Programs Via Zoom
With Q & A

4 45 Minute Sessions

$ 100
  • This program is complementary for clients registered in a program who want weekly support and educational material or for those not registered in a program who are seeking information on detoxification in an educational group setting. These online zoom classes will provide you with current science based information on detoxification therapies. Classes will be taught via powerpoint by our board certified nutrition and health professionals.