Stress Management Programs

Stress Management Programs

Are you feeling stressed out? Is it beginning to affect your job, relationships, sleep, energy level or overall well-being? Do you put yourself last on the job or with your family? Are you ready to get your life back on track and regain balance to prevent crashing and burn out? Chronic stress can cause disease and lead to physical symptoms due to the parasympathetic nervous system response to stress whether physical or emotional. Stress can also cause diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. It also prevents us from getting unstuck and not moving forward with our life purpose.

Our stress management coaching services can stand alone or be incorporated within the Restoration or Rejuvenation programs. Typically, these program may be recommended with emotional counseling using a technique called emotional release and an exercise program

Weight Management Program

2 Consultation with Instruction, Clearing Device and Group Coaching Support

$ 950
  • This program is for those interested in getting there life back through a comprehensive approach for weight management. If you are over weight (>20 lbs) and have found that dieting and exercise are not working for you, our comprehensive approach to achieving a healthy weight gets to the root causes of your problem.

Lifestyle Management Program

2 Consultations with Instruction, Clearing Device and Group Coaching Support

$ 950
  • Our Lifestyle Coaching Program is for those who are seeking to attain their higher purpose in life or for those who are experiencing acute stress, wanting a drug free approach to managing stress and related symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, or depression when an emotional or spiritual component is recognized.

Emotional Stress Release Management Program

2 60 Minute Consults, Instructions and Clearing Device

$ 850
  • Past ingrained thought patterns can prevent us from achieving our full potential. Typically, weight loss, addiction patterns, sleeplessness and insecurity are common patterns that can effectively be reversed through Emotional Stress Release Technique. When you are ready to move forward with your life and achieve your full potential, ESRT is a proven remedy to identify and clear the negative thought patterns your nervous system has been holding, possibly for decades.

Group Stress Management Coaching Program

4 30 Minute Sessions

$ 100
  • This on-line group program is for those who are registered in a program and want weekly support and educational material or for those not registered in a program who are seeking information on lifestyle/stress management. This online zoom class will provide you with current science based information on stress management therapies. Classes will be taught via powerpoint by our board certified nutrition and health professionals.