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We have the perfect products and programs just for you.  Let’s get you started on your health and wellness journey with a customized plan for your unique needs and goals.

Nutrition Programs

Adequate nutrition is a main challenge we face in keeping our body healthy. Our nutrition programs give you the information you need to be healthy for a lifetime of great health.

Detoxification Programs

Toxic accumulation is the greatest challenge facing our health. Leading the industry, we  offer both internal and external  detoxification as part of our wellness programs.

Coaching Programs

We offer on-line group coaching programs in nutrition, detoxification, weight and lifestyle management to teach you the fundamentals on how to maximize your health to prevent or reverse disorders and diseases. 

Stress Management Programs

Emotional well-being is an essential component of the healing process. Stress to the physical, bio-chemical, emotional and spiritual body are interconnected, any imbalance affects the whole person.

medical assessment

Assessment Services

We offer appropriate diagnostic testing including Kinesiology, Food Inflammation Testing, Functional Blood Chemistry Testing, Micronutrient Testing, Heavy Metal Testing and Salivary Hormones.