“Detoxification with Energy Rejuvenation Therapy (ERT) is the ultimate 21st century anti-aging detoxification and biofield restoration method available today.”

Lauren Hayden, CCS, HHP, QRA Energy Rejuvenation Therapy: detoxification
Restoration of the body’s bio-energetic field
April, 2013

Energy Rejuvenation Therapy (ERT) is the ultimate 21st century anti-aging detoxification and bio-field restoration method available today.  ERT is a technique rediscovered from ancient therapeutic healers and refurbished, using current scientific knowledge, clinical trial (Marshall, 2013) research and technology.

Aging is the result of chaos to the bio-energetic field, which interferes with cellular communication. Chaos can results from either toxic accumulation and/or interference fields (blunt force trauma, surgery and even emotional trauma). Chaos creates disturbances in the energy pathways of the system impacting the ability of certain organs and glands of the system to receive nutrients and detoxify waste. Energy Rejuvenation therapy is the most efficient safe and effective system known to restore bio-field coherence and prevent aging.

ERT and Detoxification

Science now recognizes that many diseases are caused by the bioaccumulation of chemical toxins (Genuis, 2011) and the body’s inability to release them. There is compelling evidence that bioaccumulation causes disruption to the reproductive, developmental, and neurological processes, (Genuis, 2011) some having carcinogenic and immune-altering actions. We are exposed to chemicals from air, water and our food supply. The USA, Center for Disease Control found the average American had 212 toxic chemicals in the blood and urine. There is evidence that many of these toxins are also passed on through the placenta from mother to child. In addition, it is estimated that 70.3% of fruit and vegetables contain pesticides, PCB’s and herbicides. Strategies to eliminate the ingestion of toxins are a first line of defense against exposure. The second line of defense is to detoxify.

ERT is the most effective-non invasive method available to detoxify the system from chemical toxicity ERT clay therapy contains non contaminated highly ionized negatively charged particles which react with positively charged contaminants and transdermally chelates them through chemical attraction. When systematically applied to target areas of the body the ERT is highly effective in absorbing and eliminating the accumulation of pesticides and chemicals.

ERT and Interference Fields

ERT is also used to repolarize interference fields (IF) and restore coherence to the bio-field. According to Marshall (2012), an interference fields is an energetic blockage within the bio-field due to trauma from either blunt force falls, broken bones, or surgeries. IF’s create chaos to the bio energetic flow of the energy meridian system. The energy meridian system is the network channels of intracellular communication connecting lymphatic, nervous function and blood flow controlled and connected by the brain. Over time, this chaos interferes with the ability of organs and glands to receive nutrients, oxygen, hormones and nerve signals and to detoxify metabolic waste.

When used properly by a trained QRA energy practitioner, this therapy has been clinically shown to be effective in repolarizing (Marshall, 2013) the energy channels of the body’s complex bio-energetic field restoring coherence to the bio-field.

How is the biofield depolarized?

The body is a complex electric system controlled by the brain, our GPS system. When the body is traumatized (fall / impact or surgery) the bio-energy field becomes depolarized at the trauma site resulting in chaos.

An example I use to explain the phenomena of depolarization is an electric storm at sea. Suppose you are in a sail boat race off the New Jersey shore with 20 other boats. All is going very well until an unexpected violent storm comes out of nowhere cutting off radio signal, visibility, mobility and communication. Stuck at sea with no communication the small boats are disoriented and potentially injured (chaos). They do not know which direction to move to get to the shore; they have drifted and are low on supplies. The longer this situation exists the greater danger to life aboard the boat. ERT is the radar, like a GPS system that reconnects the brain to the boat. When the GPS is restored it redirects energy and the boats know where to go just like a lighthouse redirecting the boat to the shore.

Clinical Examples

I had a bad fall 9 months pregnant with a first child. I did not know this at the time but over 25 years later with QRA and ERT found it was the primary source of my digestive issues, constipation and immune health.

Example: Client diagnosed with macular hole in retina, had cateract surgery. ERT to eye lids and nutrition protocol restored biofield chaos and in 21 days the hole in the retina closed and surgery was canceled

Example: Client had upper respiratory chronic cough. Vasectomy on left side was bioenergetically reflexing to the left lung. Following ERT, the client no longer had respiratory cough.


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