Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis-About

Functional Blood Chemistry is the modern research methodology within the medical field allowing medical professionals to look and decode markers in the blood for biochemical and nutritional deficiencies and system imbalances. A comprehensive blood chemistry panel and analysis can give a healthcare professional insight into existing and developing health problems and allow for a preventative course of action.

This in-depth testing is essential to understand how to develop a clear plan to correct biochemical imbalances through diet, correcting nutritional deficiencies and identifying areas that require detoxification. There may be other functional tests needed (genetic testing, organic urinary acids testing, stool testing, hormonal testing) to investigate more complex issues.  In addition to your comprehensive history the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is the first step to recognize changes in functional patterns before they fall into pathological range.

Understanding the Functional and Standard Range

Your functional health report will include both a functional and standard range.   The Functional Range is also considered the “optimal range” and the Standard range the “pathological range.”  Test values that fall between optimal ranges and pathological ranges are considered sub-clinical and may indicate the beginning stages of disease. From a functional prevention perspective, this sub-clinical range is the area to address the client’s biochemical imbalances before they enter the standard pathological range and manifest as disease.

How this Report is Used

This report provides us with a clinical diagnostic assessment of biochemical markers which we assess from a system wide approach to health. This report is used with your comprehensive history and medical history to add in formulating a treatment program.  Together with the client, we will structure a comprehensive plan over a period of 6 to 12 months to correct any imbalances through dietary changes, nutritional support, detoxification and stress management programs.  In most cases, clients who adhere to a lifestyle management plan will find many values shift back to the optimal functional range.  Many of the symptoms you are experiencing will disappear or be reduced as the body slowly corrects itself improving health and well-being.

Benefits of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Evaluates metabolic status.
  • Identifies early health risks including:
      •  blood sugar
      •  cardiovascular health
      •  thyroid function
      •  autoimmune disorders
      •  hormonal imbalances
      •  immune challenges
      •  Adrenal, stress dysfunction
  • Identifies nutrient imbalances (deficiencies or excesses)
  • Provides personalized nutrition and detoxification protocols that address your unique bio-chemistry rather than wasting money on supplements and diets that will not address your needs.
  • Provides early detection signs of life-threatening health conditions.
  • Helps to identify root causes of many chronic health challenges.
  • Calls attention to lab values that are out of Functional Range which can be addressed with lifestyle changes, supplements, and diet modifications.
  • Monitor records and effectiveness of nutritional program with precise modifications when necessary.
  • Maintaining desired blood markers within functional (optimal) ranges will allow your digestive, immune, endocrine and neurological systems to function at their best preventing disease and providing you with radiant health and well-being.