Group On-line Stress Management Coaching Program

4 (60 minute) Sessions with Q & A

$ 200
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Group On-line Stress Management Coaching Program

This program is for those who are registered in a program and want weekly support and educational material and for those seeking information on Stress and lifestyle management in an educational group setting.  This online zoom conference will provide you with current science based information on how stress affects your hormones, blood pressure, mood, sleep and how it is linked to disease.  We will review all the lifestyle management therapies at your fingertips to help you manage stress including physical exercise and nutrition, ecotherapy, autogenic training with biofeedback, meditation and mindfulness and more.  Classes will be taught via powerpoint by our board certified coaches and health professionals or through video conferencing as workshops.

What you will receive:

  • 4 60-minute zoom classes with a board-certified holistic health coach professional with 10 years in  exercise and stress management coaching
  • Class includes 10 minutes of Q & A
  • Topics will be posted each month including:
    • The Nature of Stress
    • The Psychology of Stress
    • Coping Strategies
    • Relaxation Techniques