Digestion – Our Gut Protection System, GPS

Radiant Health begins with healthy digestion.  Let us show you how to heal your digestive system holistically.

Symptoms of poor digestion include:

  • intestinal gas
  • heartburn
  • bloating
  • acid reflux
  • constipation
  • acne
  • allergies
  • poor sleep
  • belly fat
  • weight gain
  • IBS and ulcers

Great health begins with the healthy ecology and function of the digestive system. How well it is taken care of is a determining factor in both the quality and longevity of an individual’s life. Often we ignore or mask the symptoms of our body’s natural warning signs including acid reflux, allergies or constipation. These common symptoms are actually an alarm signal telling us there is an underlying imbalance that needs to be addressed. At Live Well, our contemporary and alternative medicine practitioners look at the energetics of the entire digestive system to determine what is needed to restore it’s proper function. Our holistic therapies include lifestyle modification, nutrition, detoxification and energy rejuvenation therapies.

Symptoms of Digestion Imbalance

The purpose of the digestive system is to receive food containing the nutrients necessary to sustain the function of our trillions of bodily processes. Once these nutrients are metabolized, the waste product is then eliminated. Sounds so simple, but the digestive process is actually the most energy consuming system in the human body. When something occurs to upset this delicate process, an individual can experience symptoms that are designed to warn us that something in the process is not functioning properly. Some of the most common symptoms of intestinal imbalances include one or more of the following chronic conditions; intestinal gas, heartburn, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, acne, allergies, poor sleep, belly fat, weight gain, low energy, IBS, and ulcers.

Causes of Digestion Imbalance

The principle causes of digestive imbalance are numerous. In our experience, they are either the result of something we ingested that is toxic to the body; a deficiency of nutritional or mineral requirements; or the result of a blockage in the bodies energetic field which sedates the function of the system and can affect it’s ability to receive nutrients or detoxify.

Whether intentional or not, over the years we ingest a mirage of substances not intended for human consumption. The body’s normal detoxification process can be challenged and compromised over years of abuse. These substances can include antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, pesticides or parasitic cysts from our food, water, air, and medications or through improper hygiene. Over time, they can create bacterial and biochemical imbalances, which suppress the body’s immune system resulting in inflammation and toxicity.

Things we ingest intentionally can also be harmful and accelerate the “aging” of the system. These include over consumption of not living foods, over processed or overcooked foods or foods, which elicit an allergic response. According to Dr. Bob Marshall, PHD, CCN and owner of Premier Research Labs, “a diet consisting of predominantly cooked food can decrease your life span by as much as one third”. The burden and energy it takes for the body to process cooked foods is enormous, depleting the body of precious enzymes which should be used for other metabolic functions.

Nutrient deficiencies can create imbalances in the digestive system, which ultimately affect the function of other organs and glands. The most common nutrient deficiencies include insufficient HCL (hydrochloric acid), all mineral deficiencies (including calcium and magnesium), enzymes, and dehydration.

The final category of causes of digestive imbalances is a relatively new area of alternative medicine in the USA. It has been practices for thousands of years through ancient medicinal healing and was even documented, in the King James Bible as a tool used by Christ to heal the blind man. The Department of Contemporary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health has a budget of $5 million to explore this fastest growing field of alternative medicine we call, Energy Rejuvenation Therapy.

As energy medicine practitioners, we are able to identify imbalances, which result from blunt force physical or even emotional trauma to the body. Over time, these trauma sights can slowly but relentlessly sedate the ability of target organs to receive nutrition, detoxify or elicit nerve impulse within the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous systems. Energy rejuvenation therapy is the ONLY know treatment of restoring these energy imbalances. Live Well Consulting energy practitioners are pioneers in this treatment modality in the Washington metropolitan area.

At Live Well, our alternative medicine practitioners focus on keeping the body healthy through prevention of gastrointestinal and other problem before they become problematic. Through both clinical testing and Quantum Reflex Analysis, we examine the bio-field of an individual to identify whether an organ or gland is lacking nutrients, needs to be detoxified or is being energetically sedated from a surgery or trauma to the body. Once the imbalance is restored, the proper function of the gastrointestinal system returns through the bodies own internal self-healing, without the need for drugs or surgery.

At Live Well, we identify all of the factors impacting the health of the digestive system and then systematically eliminate the stressors through nutrition, detoxification, lifestyle modifications and bio-energetic restoration.

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