Initial Health Consultation

90 Minutes
In Person or Via Zoom, Includes Consultation (90 Minutes), Analysis & Custom Program

$ 750

Initial Health Consultation

  • The Initial Health Consultation is for those who have completed the complimentary strategy session, done some research and are prepared to begin the healing process with Live Well. It includes a 90-minute consultation with a functional medicine consultant to review your comprehensive health history, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and your Functional Health Report (if provided). You will also receive your first customized program to begin your healing journey.  We use a functional medicine approach to look at all the factors that affect your health including the physical, biochemical and emotional body. Together you will explore your unique history, diet and lifestyle to uncover clues to your current symptoms and  offer enlightening insights to direct and co-create your healing program.  

The Initial Health Consultation Includes:

  • Review and discuss your Comprehensive Health History and Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and lab work analyzed in the functional range.
  • Insight needed to identify the root cause or causes of your symptoms.
  • Designing your first customized program tailored to your goals and objectives. 
  • Assessment Recommendations – We will discuss any additional assessment/lab information we need.
  • Program Recommendations – We will discuss the appropriate program options or classes to begin the process of maintaining, rejuvenating or restoring your health and well-being.
  • Local clients will receive a demonstration of kinesiology biofeedback.
 Forms Required prior to appointment include:
Comprehensive History, NAQ, and  Lab Work (most recent) analyzed in the functional range. 

Important Note Prior to Purchase

This program is non-refundable, non-transferable and must be completed within 3 months of purchasing. Clients diagnosed with obesity or diabetes can submit for insurance reimbursement for consultations.