Interference Fields and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Interference Fields and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


       Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of bowel motility in the gastrointestinal tract presenting with alternating states of diarrhea and constipation often accompanied by cramping (Sartin, 2013). It is the most commonly diagnosed gastrointestinal disorder, estimated to afflict 20 percent of the U.S. population at an annual cost of $21 billion (Statistics  IBS, 2016).  It is more prevalent in females by a 2:1` ratio, and results in loss of work, interference with social life, and avoidance of sexual intercourse (Sartin, 2013).  Despite decades of intensive research the pathological process of IBS remains incompletely understood but physiologic, psychological and dietary factors have been attributed.  Certain metabolic disorders such as adrenal insufficiency, diabetes and hyperthyroidism can also create IBS like symptoms (Mullin, 2013).    This case study will discuss a new frontier in complementary and alternative medicine known as interference fields (IF’s).  We will show how physical and emotional IF’s create dysfunction to bioenergetics and cellular communication, often creating disorders and diseases including IBS.


The science of quantum physics, identified first by Dr. Alfred Fitz Popp Physicist of Germany and currently being taught and practiced within the United States by Dr. Linda Forbes and Robert Marshall PhD, identifies that the body’s plasma energy biofield (biofield) is the ultimate controlling energy force exercising pre-eminent control over all molecular biochemistry (Marshall, 2016).  Hidden stressors known as “Interference Fields” (IF’s) are areas of the body that have been compromised physically by scars and blunt force trauma and/or emotional trauma by life experiences engrained within the limbic system of the brain.  According to Marshall & Forbes, IF’s disturb the autonomic nervous system and its regulatory network altering cellular communication, impeding detoxification and normal energy flow (Marshall, 2016).  Over time, the traumatized area can act like a stagnant pool of toxicity creating an electrical short in the body’s governing electromagnetic circuits (Marshall, 2016).  

Marshall and Forbes have spent the past 15+  years exploring IF’s in research, development and clinical practice.  As one of many professional student of  Marshall and Forbes, Live Well LLC, has been using Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) biofeedback to identify IF’s that reflex to organs and glands.  Once an IF is identified, the accumulated toxic material and cellular waste can be chelated out of the body with specialized organic and inorganic therapeutic clays and minerals reestablishing the client’s bioenergetics pathways.  This process called a Mudpack is the application of highly ionized therapeutic clays, minerals and seaweed which chelate toxins that jam the electrical circuits of the body by absorbing waste through osmosis when applied transdermally (Marshall, 2016). 

Client and History

A female, age 59 complains of thyroid dysfunction, foggy brain, weight gain, IBS, and chronic emotional stress complicated by a recent divorce.  The woman had eliminated gluten and had a well-established diet.  QRA identified dysbiosis in the intestines, intolerance to gluten and dairy and found that a surgery to the right ureter was sedating the right adrenal gland.  Treatment with allicidin for the dysbiosis (which was later confirmed by medical diagnosis) and other support failed to resolve the digestive motility and diarrhea.  Client returned and was tested for Interference fields using QRA biofeedback.  


Bioenergetics testing with QRA, functional lab analysis, and detailed client history showed that a 2001 right ureter surgery to the right kidney was reflexing and sedating the right adrenal gland, stomach, large and small intestines.  See Exhibit 1 attached.  Other IF’s identified were in 1990 the client gave birth with a forceps delivery, a traumatic event, followed by a 1993 episiotomy which we will explain in the discussion how this can dramatically interfere with the bioenergetics pathway of the kidney meridian.  It is highly probable that these two IF’s were a contributing cause to the 2001 surgery to the ureter blood vessel impingement.  Further testing will confirm this hypothesis.  

Discussion and Conclusion

This ongoing case study is an example of how physical traumas called IF’s from childbirth delivery and two surgeries, one to the left kidney and another to the thyroid have energetically interfered with the biofield of a 59 year old female resulting in dysfunction of nervous system activity, hormonal instability and gastrointestinal disorder.  Research has shown that the sensory response to distention and stimulation of the colon is heightened in IBS (Sartin, 2013), indicating possible disturbance within the nervous system signaling of gastrointestinal motility.  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidney meridian runs along the midline of the torso.  The kidneys house the body’s will power, memory, and wisdom.  When the kidneys are in disharmony the patient may be driven to a state of excessive-compulsive working, lacking wisdom and clear perception resulting in a state of fear, insecurity, loneliness and shock (Forbes, 2015).  The kidney acupuncture channel begins at the small toe and travels up the inner thigh to the base of the spine intersection the base governing vessel known as the root or first chakra called Muladhara located at the coccygeal and base of the spine near the cervix where the vagina meets the uterus in a woman.  The base chakra is known as the center of primal life energy and survival (Shumsky, 2003).  The Kidney meridian then travels up the inner torso to the physical kidney location at acupuncture point KD 16.  Thus, interference or trauma at the base chakra can have a compounding effect energetically to the kidney.  In this case study, the right kidney and adrenal show a direct impact eleven years later.

Monitor  Maintain  Thrive

Feel your best, Be your best, Live Well

The Live Well Team


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