Lifestyle Management Program

2 Consultations with Instruction, Clearing Device and Group Coaching Support

$ 950

Lifestyle Management Program

Our Lifestyle Management Program is for those who are seeking to attain their higher purpose in life or for those who are experiencing acute stress, wanting a drug free approach to managing stress and related symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, or depression when an emotional or spiritual component is recognized. During the initial consultation, we will determine the ideal time for you to begin depending on your overall health and wellness goals.  

Participation in the rejuvenation or restoration programs are suggested while engaging in life coaching especially if PTSD or other chronic conditions are present. Chronic stress has been shown to be linked to nutritional deficiencies, gut dysbiosis, food allergies and emotional trauma. Through our years of experience those with chronic disease are not physically prepared for the emotional component.

Working with our functional medicine coach you will receive one on one coaching to begin understanding and reprogramming your limbic system to begin to transform your life. Our health coaches have been trained to identify all the life stressors including past or present abuse, insecurity, financial, and emotional trauma and work with you to develop a strategy to overcome darkness and bring you into light so you can be the person you were intended to be in this lifetime.

This program is ideal for:

  • Deep digging into the emotional component of well-being
  • Acute or chronic stress 
  • Achieving life purpose
  • Emotional stress related to any life event (food or alcohol addiction, career, relationships, financial, sense of being lost).

This program offers you:

  • One 90 minute consultation
  • Two 60 minute consultation with a functional medicine health coach.
  • Detailed notes from your appointments
  • Emotional Stress Release Technique with clearing device 
  • Detailed instructions each month on clearing programs and 15-minute follow-up questions via phone or email to answer your questions
  • Four Group Coaching Classes – online
  • Ongoing email, video, handout, and event support
  • 10% discount on supplements and assessments.

Important Note Prior to Purchase

This program is non-refundable, non-transferable and must be completed within 4-months of purchasing. It is best as an in-person or zoom consultation. This program does not include the cost of supplements or additional assessments.