Volcanic-grown Aloe

Premier Immune, Gastrointestinal and Detoxification Support

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AloeMannan-FX™ offers premier gastrointestinal and immune support for the upper respiratory tract. AloeMannan-FX is derived from Aloe barbadensis, rich in the key compound, acemannan. This extraordinary, one-of-a-kind aloe is meticulously grown in open sea air on a volcanic island in rich volcanic soil. As the aloe is harvested in the field, its inner leaf gel is manually separated from its outer sheath. It is then immediately centrifuged to eliminate the water content, then immediately freeze-dried – all right in the field. The proprietary freeze-drying method maximally preserves the short-chain, immune-supporting polysaccharide called acemannan, naturally inherent in aloe.

Benefits of AloeMannan-FX™:

  • Advanced immune and gastrointestinal support
  • Immune system prevention and recovery support
  • Immunostimulant, antiviral, and antineoplastic properties
  • May reduce mycotoxic body burden, especially in sinuses
  • Guaranteed minimum of 1/8 tsp of acemannan
  • Uniquely fermented with patented calcium bentonite and Luo Han Guo extract for added support

Research on Acemannan shows that acemannan is a D-isomer mucopolysaccharide in Aloe vera. Studies show acemannan has immunostimulant, antiviral, antineoplastic and gastrointestinal properties. Some evidence shows acemannan may reduce mycotoxic body burden. Acemannan has been demonstrated to induce macrophages to secrete interferon (INF), tumor necrosis factor – a (TNF-A) and interleukins (IL-1). This suggests it may help to prevent or clear viral infection. In vitro studies have shown acemannan to inhibit HIV replication. Acemannan is currently being used for treatment of fibrosarcoma in animals. Acemannan has been shown to increase tumor necrosis and prolonged host survival.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily. For best absorption, empty capsules under the tongue.

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