Bone, Joint & pH Bundle

Bone, Joint & pH Bundle


Bone, Joint, Muscle and pH Bundle 

Strength, Performance and Bone Health

Calcium Magnesium, Premier

Joint & Disc, Premier

Vitamin D3 plus K2

pH Paper 


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This exceptional Bone, Joint and pH bundle is for individuals who have high acidity which can lead to osteoporosis, osteopenia, and arthritis. This  Bundle supports all the key components to optimize bone health including bone, joint, disc and muscle and nerve function.  It provides key vitamins, minerals and cofactors needed for ideal bone function.  We also include pH testing strips and instructions on how to use them to maintain ideal urine pH so you can monitor your  immune, recovery and bone health overtime.

pH Paper Roll 

PH paper is used as a screening measurement in clinical and hospital settings to monitor the Urine pH. This measurement will identify the health of the bone/mineral metabolism, which is essential for the health of the entire body. The pH, defined as “potential for hydrogen” is an internationally known standard in chemistry used to measure the amount of hydrogen ions in a given concentration.  The ideal range of urine pH is between 6.4 and 7.0. When chronically outside of this ideal range the body needs to buffer minerals essential for the homeostasis of the fluid compartments.  When chronic this  leads to bone loss.

Recommended Use:

Monitor both the fasting morning, (after 5 am) and fasting evening (before dinner) for 7 consecutive days or as recommended by your health practitioner.

Calcium Magnesium Plus, Premier

Calcium Magnesium Plus combines live source calcium and magnesium with immuno-stimulating noni and a blend of medicinal mushrooms to provide legendary mineral support and absorption for the health of the bones, joints, teeth and an optimal pH. Calcium and magnesium are scientifically proven to build bone and repair bone when adequate D3 is available. Calcium ions must also be present for the facilitated transfer of B12 (with intrinsic factor) through epithelial lining of the small intestine and into the blood.

Calcium is the most important mineral in the human body. The body contains 1200-1400 grams, 99 %  of which is present in bone minerals of the skeleton.  Approximately 1.5 grams are present in the extracellular fluids. Bone remodeling of the skeleton is a continuous process controlled by hormonal feedback of calcium homeostasis of the blood and by mechanical and gravitational forces acting on the skeleton. The body can not survive without calcium and it is recommended to supplement because it is so difficult to acquire the amount needed from the diet alone.

Key benefits of calcium include:

  • Maintaining healthy bone metabolism
  • Transmission of nerve impulses
  • Muscle contraction
  • Blood coagulation
  • Secretion by glands and nerve cells
  • Cell division
  • B 12 absorption

Vitamin D3 +K2, Premier

At a hefty 5,000 IU of D3 and 180 mcg. of K2 per capsule,Premier Vitamin D3 K2 contains an exclusive 100% vegan/ vegetarian friendly formula with both vitamin D3 and K2 present in clinically established dosages that promote cardiovascular and bone health. This supplement is the perfect choice for those who wish to significantly increase their vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 intake without consuming animal byproducts.

To perfect this one-of-a-kind vegan blend of vitamin D3 with K2 so that a higher clinical dosage would be incorporated all into one capsule, our team of scientists at Premier Research Labs joined forces with independent expert laboratories and developed a reliable way to do this.

Joint & Disc, Premier

Premier Joint & Disc is a premier nature-based botanical formula, clinically formulated to support a healthy inflammatory response and minor pain relief from normal day to day joint wear and tear, specific to:

  • Joint mobility*
  • Disc health*
  • Healthy cartilage*
  • Sports recovery / muscle function*

Premier Joint & Disc is scientifically formulated to deliver an aggressive panel of clinically reviewed ingredients which contain powerful phytochemical compounds designed to directly promote a healthy inflammatory response by targeting key chemical signaling pathways that have the capacity to modulate pro-inflammatory cytokines and proteins associated with minor pain from everyday activities.* 

Premier Joint & Disc is a comprehensive formula offering an elegant lineup of advanced, full spectrum botanical compounds that promote healthy joints, discs and connective tissue function.*


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