Clay Therapy Detoxification Workshop

Clay Therapy Detoxification Workshop



Live Event June 3, 2023

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Includes: Educational Workshop, Treatment, Instruction on Self Use, Refreshments and Light Appetizers



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Detoxification Workshop with Medicinal Clay Therapy

Saturday June 3, 2023 1:00 – 3:00 PM
5721 Windsor Gate Lane, Fairfax VA 22030

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Clay therapy applied externally has been used for centuries all over the world to heal the body especially following a blunt force trauma.  Using kinesiology biofeedback Lauren has 20 years of training in using the clay to detoxify the body of heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The clay traps many of these toxins and eliminates them transdermally. 

If you have an “Interference Field” from a surgery or blunt force trauma to the body that you suspect may be interfering with cellular communication you can schedule time for Lauren to assess the trauma point and identify the corresponding command center and organ systems that are being sedated.  Clay Therapy is the only known treatment to address trauma from a blunt force (fall, or car accident or surgery.”  Over time “Interference Fields” can lead to malfunction in blood, lymphatic and nerve function because tissue and organ systems are not properly receiving the nutrients from blood vessels, the ability to detoxify through lymphatic vessels and nerve signals can be disrupted due to damage from the trauma.  If you have had a trauma and wish to receive a kinesiology exam to identify and apply a clay therapy to help restore energy from this  trauma contact Lauren for an appointment slot on Saturday Morning or afternoon, at 703-929-6855.  The cost for interference field testing is $50.00 for each interference field and includes instructions for home use.

You do not want to miss this rare opportunity! This is a limited enrollment of 20 people.

What is Included:

This 2 hour Educational Workshop and treatment includes education about the medicinal benefits of clay, training on how to mix the clay, clay application to the feet, refreshments and light appetizers.  

Clay Therapy Detox Bundle 

The Clay Therapy Detox Bundle can be purchased at an additional cost for home use.  It includes all the supplies we will use for the treatment and what you will need to continue home use application of the clay therapy.  The products included in the Clay Therapy Detox Bundle include:  

Medi-Body Pack




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