Cold & Flu Support Bundle

Cold & Flu Support Bundle


Cold & Flu Support Bundle

Immune Support

Contains 3 Products:

Smart Silver


Upper Respiratory Support




Additional Information

Our Cold and Flu support bundle is for clients seeking target support to protect against or as a remedy for the common cold or flu.  It contains the top anti-viral support products  and a complete immune support formula you can take during cold and flu season.   If you are unsure of what you need, take advantage of our complimentary product consultation.  We are here to support you and your family so you can live well and take charge of your health!

  • Key factors that may contribute to contracting a virus:

    • Inadequate Stomach Acid
    • Inadequate digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • nutritional deficiency
    • Poor antioxidant status
    • Immune system suppressed
    • Lack of uninterrupted sleep 
    • High stress lifestyle


    • ProDefense (90 caps) immune support formula with Vitamin C and Zinc).  Recommended Use: 3 Caps daily.
    • Smart Silver (8 oz) purified silver for anti-microbial and immune support.  Recommended Use: 1 Tbsp  in water daily
    • Upper Respiratory Support (.5 0z) homeopathic remedy for virus support.  Recommended Use: 30 drops in water daily



In 12-24 oz of water mix 1 tsp Smart Silver and 30 drops of Upper Respiratory Support and Sip and swirl while at work or in any public location, hospital, grocery store or using public transport.  Can add some juice or limonene oil for taste.  Take 3 Caps of ProDefense daily best throughout the day.


These products are not intended to treat or cure any disease including covid – 19.



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