Delta 8 Indica Tincture 1500mg

Delta 8 Indica Tincture 1500mg


30ML (1 FL OZ) Amber Glass Bottle

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Additional Information

Doc Jon’s Delta 8 Indica is hand crafted by Canna Ventures of West Virginia, a family owned farm in West Virginia.  They use hemp derived terpenes in their  Delta 8 Craft Tincture. They extract terpenes with a proprietary CO2 process, and blend them with a botanical Indica terpene profile. Doc Jon’s Terpene blend enhances the effects you desire. To ensure the highest standard of quality control, experienced lab techs craft each tincture by hand.

Suggested Use:  


.25 ml about 12 drops under tongue 

Start low, dose 6 drops to see how you feel. 

Take after 6 pm, ideal for relaxation and an early bedtime.  

Long lasting 4 hours

Takes about 30 minutes to feel effects



Must be 18 or older to purchase this product

Keep out of reach of children

No driving or operating machinery

Sports activities not recommended

Careful combining with alcohol, it enhances alcohol effects

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