Bioavailable Solubilized Keratin

Premier Skin, Hair and Nail Support

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Keratin is a structural protein needed for stronger thicker hair and nails and for healthy skin and teeth. DermaVen™ is a unique patented formula that is solubilized to make it highly bioavailable. DermaVen™ contains only sustainable keratin, extracted by a patented method from pure New Zealand wool.

DermaVen is effective in the support of skin moisture, elasticity and compactness, and has been shown clinically to support overall hair health and strength. When hair becomes dry frizzy and brittle it is usually because the hair is depleted of keratin. 

Keratin depletion can occur in three ways:

    • The body is not receiving the amino acids necessary to form keratin.
    • Inadequate HCL which is essential in the breakdown of proteins in the stomach. 
    • Use of: Chemical services, Harsh products, Sodium laurel sulfate shampoos, Chlorinated water.

A 2012 hair study at the University of Pavia, Italy found that keratin:

      • Provides increased resistance to stress and mechanical action (brushing, washing)
      • Strengthens hair structure
      • Counteracts hair loss
      • Brightens hair.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 capsules daily.

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