Immune Support Bundle, Advanced

Immune Support Bundle, Advanced


Comprehensive Immune Support 

Target Support for Optimal Health

Nutrition and Detoxification Support

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Advanced immune support bundle is the most comprehensive immune support bundle we could develop.  And our clients have loved it during the pandemic.  It contains 4 product formulations containing  ingredients shown to maximize health, and promote optimal function of the digestive, nervous, bone and the immune systems.  The 4 products we have chosen are for individuals with a compromised immune system who are in need of immune protection and support especially during the cold and flu seasons. This bundle supports white blood cell function and the immune system.  Our immune systems provide internal protective defense against invading pathogens including bacteria, viruses, parasites and environmental toxins.  

OmniEssentials – (120 caps/bottle)

OmniEssentials is a multivitamin and mineral formula that incorporates whole-food organic vitamins with bioavailable micronutrients. With select specialty ingredients to support digestion, detoxification, and antioxidant activity, OmniEssentials provides the ultimate daily blend for health and well-being. Available with and without iron, so please specify if you wish the bundle without iron.

ProDefense (90 caps/bottle)

ProDefense is the ultimate immune and daily well-being formula featuring medicinal mushroom extracts, immune boosting phenolics, herbs, probiotics and prebiotics.  It is perfectly formulated to support the immune system.

Liposomal D3 K2 (16 fluid oz/bottle)

Liposomal D3 – K2 is a great-tasting creamy vanilla-flavored formula providing vitamins D3 and K2 in a well-absorbed liposomal delivery system.  The liposomal delivery allows immediate entry into the cell for ideal absorption.

 Intestinal Restore (4.4 oz Powder/container)

Intestinal Restore provides multifaceted support for digestive health and intestinal integrity. Intestinal Restore features Tegricel®, a source of serum antibodies and immunoglobulins, to support the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal immune system. Glutamine is the preferred amino acid for regeneration of intestinal cells while mucilaginous herbs soothe inflamed and damaged tissues. Finally, digestive enzymes encourage healthy digestion and absorption of macronutrients.

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