Lumbrokinase Enzyme that supports circulation and blood pressure

62 Caps/Glass Bottle

Product Information Sheet

Additional Information

Lumbroxym™ is a blend of the two systemic enzymes Lumbrokinase and Catalase with Astrazyme®, a proprietary blend that enhances enzyme absorption and activity.* Pure Lumbrokinase is difficult to source and a notably expensive proteolytic enzyme that has been shown to support cardiovascular and circulatory health.*

  Includes 375 FU of Lumbrokinase and 350 U of Catalase in a patented sodium alginate base and protective delayed release capsules

Lumbrokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme that helps support healthy circulation and healthy blood pressure levels.*

 Supports longevity.*

Suggested Use

Serving Size: one (1) capsule
Servings per bottle: 62

Suggested Use: Take one (1) capsule with a glass of water on an empty stomach (2 hours before or after meals).  Consult with a healthcare professional for alternate dosing protocols.


This product is NON-GMO, NON-DAIRY, NON-SOY, vegan and contains no gluten, fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Warning: If you take a blood thinner or other blood thinning products, or are pregnant or lactating, consult a healthcare professional before taking this product.

Warning: If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

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