Metal and Mineral Balancing Kit

Metal and Mineral Balancing Kit


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Heavy Metal Detoxification Support

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The Metal and Mineral Balancing Kit is an essential part of our Professional Metal and Mineral Balancing Program.  

This is a professionally supervised program for pre-approved clients who have been identified as showing an imbalance of soft minerals and toxic elements.  The goal of this protocol is to reduce the clients accumulation of toxic metal elements while simultaneously replacing essential minerals.  

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Attention/concentration deficit and hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Impaired motor function
  • Impaired memory and learning
  • Hallucinations
  • Tremors
  • Slurred speech
  • Mental retardation
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral problems 
  • Reduced IQ
  • Neuropsychological deficits
  • Antisocial (criminal) behavior

Metal Element Toxicity

The toxic metal elements include lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum and nickel and calcium (under some circumstances).  Although found abundantly in nature, excessive levels of these toxic metals can accumulate within the body triggering numerous health conditions including cardiovascular disease, neurological conditions, and endocrine disruption which can affect reproductive organs, insulin, thyroid and adrenal glands.

The following products are included along with a Practitioner Guide that covers the complete 60-day protocol:

  • Liposomal Lipoic Acid with EDTA— Potent formula designed to help the body in the lowering levels of toxic elements
  • Metox — Homeopathic formula to temporarily relieve the symptoms related to metal imbalances 
  • ToxAffix — Combination of natural ingredients to assist in metal detox
  • OmniEssentials w/o Iron — Micronutrient supplement specifically tailored for metal and mineral balancing
  • Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal Magnesium — Bioavailable supplements that help specifically with metal and mineral balancing

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