Scalar Energy Band

Scalar Energy Band


Superior Bioresonance

Holographic Disc Protection

Athletic Performance and Energy Support

Adjustable Wrist Band 9.5″

Additional Information

SCALAR ENERGY BANDS, 100% surgical grade silicone infused with negative ions, embedded with a safe, non-transdermal holographic data disc that activates acupuncture meridians to give you maximized power, balance, strength and energy.

Miracle Balance SCALAR ENERGY BANDS are used by athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world to improve their power, balance, strength and energy.

SCALAR ENERGY BANDS can be worn during athletic activity or all the time.

Stay hydrated for maximum effectiveness. For optimum results use pure water that is not contaminated with chlorine, fluoride and other substances.

SCALAR ENERGY BANDS are reversible, waterproof, the discs will never wear out!


The study we did at Troy University this past spring with the football team showed that our Miracle Balance bands lowered heart rate and blood pressure.  Lowering heart rate and blood pressure creates a calming effect on the body, which is a must for peak performance.

This hologram disc was evaluated in two major university studies, Troy and the University of Alabama, showing that the signals from this disc create a biological reaction through acupuncture points on the body. In addition, Miracle Balance has completed many other tests including live blood, thermal imaging, bio-coherence and the cell phone EMF study in 2018.  

Recommended Usage:

Can be worn on either left or right wrist or both.

The wristband should dangle like a bangle, be loose, so as not to restrict blood flow.

Fold your hand and roll the band up your fingers and onto your wrist.

Available size:

Adjustable  9.5”

The adjustable 9.5 inch band will comfortable fit any wrist size up to 9.5 inches

100% Product Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, must be returned within first 30 days.


Use of caffeine and other stimulants can delay effectiveness of the Holographic Disc. If you have been taking drugs or chemicals you will likely  experience a detoxification effect (increase urination and/or body odor). Increase your intake of non-fluoride –mV water.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. For external use only.  Do not ingest. Remove  immediately  if you feel discomfort or skin rash occurs and increase intake of non-fluoride, water.

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