Trim-Body Blend™

Trim-Body Blend™


Delicious Protein-Rich Smoothie Blend

Lean Body Weight, Premier Immune and Anti-Aging Support

Code: 2125 (13 oz/bottle)

Additional Information

Experience full body, daily nutritional support for the whole family including lean body weight, immune and anti-aging support. This fabulous formula features Whey Protein Pro™, a quantum-state whey protein that is produced using ultrafiltration yielding premium quality glycomacropeptides that support the immune system. This formula also features three masterful nutritional Power Blends for optimal effect: Power Antioxidant Blend™, Power Immune Blend™ and Power Greens Blend™.

Trim-Body Blend™ has a great, full-bodied taste and mixes well with liquids. It is highly recommended as a Quantum Nutrient Blend to add to your daily smoothie.

Recommended Use:

Take 5 tablespoons daily, blended in 8 oz. of water, juice or mix with kefir.

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