Slaying Dragons for Emotional Healing

Emotional health is an essential component of the 21st century “Well-Being Paradigm” defined as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Positive affirmations and visualization techniques such as “Now I can be healthy,” “Now I can be loved,” or “Now I can be happy,” are essential for the healing process and moving toward higher levels of consciousness where the mind, body and soul are working in synchronicity to maintain homeostasis and enlightenment.

Leading psychologists that study stress including Maslow, Frankl, and Jung (Seaward, 2015), Marshall (2012) and Horne (2013) agree that positive affirmations and visualization techniques are important for emotional healing.

More recently, Marshall and Horne have found that when unresolved negative emotional thought patterns or distorted belief systems are programmed into our consciousness by real life challenges, they create what Horne calls “Dragons” (2013) and Marshall calls “emotional interference” which block healthy energy and healing from occurring because these emotions override or negate positive affirmation and visualization techniques.

Horne describes these “Dragons” as false beliefs and illusions that filter our perception of reality (Horne, 2013). We will discuss what Dragons are, how they come about and how they can be overcome using a highly successful methodology known as emotional repolarization technique restoring coherence to the bio energetic field to provide harmony, balance and emotional well-being.

According to Horne, humans are hard wired for goodness, happiness and pleasure he describes as the light and the truth (2013). This state of being is when our heart, soul and mind are in alignment with universal goodness, love and harmony. In reality, this utopia rarely exists as humans are subjected to life lessons and experience from a society where dark and evil forces exist that attempt to degrade and rob the individual of vital energy.

Horne describes this reality as “dragons” that attempt to control and manipulate others for their own personal gain, power or control. These negative forces feed the individual psyche with false beliefs and deceptions creating emotional wounds and illusions that over time distort the individuals perception of reality (Horne, 2013).

According to Horne, these negative software packages we experience in real life lessons interfere with our perfect belief system and God given light resulting in confusion to the workings of the bioenergetics field (Marshall, 2012). This creates darkness, confusion and negative energy resulting in pain, suffering, and often disease to the system.

According to Horne (2012), negative thought patterns and belief systems override the positive desire and will of the individual. No matter how pure the intentions, or how committed and driven the individual is to overcoming life challenges and obstacles (ending negative behaviors such as overeating, not exercising, smoking, drinking, or drug use) and moving forward with their lives, with positive affirmations, thinking and goals, these individuals are paralyzed to change because negative thought processes and belief systems create dysfunction and disbelief in the ability to overcome the adversities of this engrained software programming.

These dragons inhibit a person from believing that they can achieve certain goals because they are not worthy to receive the great life that God intended for them.

Parents are notorious and oblivious to eroding the confidence of their children by creating high expectations for them, having the child live the life they could not attain in sports or academics or by inadvertently comparing one child to another. Sally is a blonde, Catherine a brunette as well as the good child bad child syndrome, smart child and challenged child, athletic and non athletic pressures of adolescence which over time alter the child’s perception of reality and survival based on how they are raised.

Often times parents are not really aware of this subjective treatment. Yet it creates a distorted belief system imbalance and a fear based consciousness that often erodes an individual’s self-esteem or self-worth.

An example of this inadvertent parental dysfunction was John, so desperate for attention, love and acceptance from his father because he paled in his father’s eyes to his brother. In retaliation and desperation for acceptance and love he exhibited negative behavior’s which resulted in obesity and heart disease as the stress response developed a comfort and love through food. No matter how hard John tried to overcome and improve his health, the emotional wounds were so deep the efforts were repeatedly sabotaged.

Slaying the Dragon

Physiologically, abnormal negative emotional thought patterns or semantic reactions from past memories, words and actions overtime become an engrained nervous system response within the limbic-emotional complexes of the brain (Marshall, 2012). Emotional repolarization technique is a simple but dramatic methodology of locating and clearing negative thought patterns using a specific re-integration process to clear emotional trauma so the body can return to normal emotional homeostasis by facing the dragons head on. Compliance is needed and emotional clearing is often painful yet essential for healing.

Emotional repolarization technique procedure includes the following simplified procedure.

Have a client make a statement such as:

  • Now I can be outrageously healthy.
  • Now I can do whatever it takes to be healthy.
  • Now I can lose weight.
  • Now I can love myself.
  • Now I can be loved.

If the client tests weak to any of these concepts you have identified “a dragon” that must be repolarized for emotional healing and bio-field restoration to take place.

  • Find the individual (parent, friend or spouse) or event (divorce, accident, or betrayal) responsible for creating the negative thought pattern.
  • Holding the quantum coherence integrator (QCI) vial on the master governing vessel – GV-20 of the brain – have the client repeat for 3 consecutive times twice daily for 21 days, “I love and forgive my father for what he said or did when I was 10 years old, and now I can love myself.”
  • Provide the client with sufficient “home work” and follow up with them periodically.
  • Charge them for this service so they respect the integrity of what they are learning.

This is an invaluable system of healing that is unparalleled in psychotherapy and emotional healing.


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