Premier Cleansing Foot or Body Soak

Premium Sea Minerals and Unheated Sea Vegetation Formula

Maximum Ionic Exodus of Waste Particles and Cleansing of Targeted Body Areas

Code: 3685 (2.38 lbs powder)



This rejuvenating formula is made with four key, world-class sources of unheated sea minerals from the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, Hawaii and prehistoric land deposits, coupled with unheated, premier quality sea vegetation.

Medi-Soak® offers effective impurity exchange to cleanse waste particles and promote quantum-state resonance. It contains no oxidized, heated, undesirable minerals or salts.

In order to preserve the maximum power of these special cleansing minerals, they have been crushed rather than ground in a grinder. Thus, some of the crystalline minerals may not dissolve completely in your bath water. However, the quantum-state effect generated from these whole mineral crystals is still maximally operative in the water.

Recommended Use:

Foot Bath: Place 1 cup of Medi-Soak® and 8 cups of warm water in a plastic (nonmetallic) container wide enough to place your feet. This 8:1 ratio (water to Medi-Soak®) allows maximum rejuvenation and cleansing of impurities. Briefly swish the contents around in the water with your hand. Some of the mineral crystals will dissolve but not all. Retaining some whole crystals in the bath helps create a benefical cleansing effect. Soak feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Then towel-dry feet. Discard bath water down the drain (do not re-use). For best results, after the bath, spend a few minutes outside to receive beneficial solar radiation (day or night).

Target Body Areas: Repeat the procedure above to cleanse other body areas, such as hands, elbows, etc.

Whole Body Bath: Add 2 cups of Medi-Soak® to your bath water. Swish the contents around in the water to dissolve the crystals. Soak in bath for 10 to 20 minutes. Towel-dry your body. Drain bath water through tub drain. Recommended: after the bath, spend a few minutes outside to receive beneficial solar radiation.

Product Ingredients:

Solar-Dried Prehistoric Minerals, Mediterranean Sea Crystals, Dead Sea Minerals, Hawaiian Sea Minerals with Red Alaea Clay, Laminaria Digitate (kelp) Frond, Ascophylium Nodosum (Atlantic Kelp) Frond, Syzygum Aromaticum (clove) bud

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