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The human body is not engineered to eat cooked food. Many people eat cooked meals everyday and they think that they are healthy. Living raw foods bring an outstanding level of vibrant healthy living, because they contain the phytonutrients from the sun and the earth that resonate with our human cell biology and chemistry. If your body has trouble digesting raw foods, it is likely that you have depleted levels of Hydrochloric Acid needed to pulverize and break foods down.

This is what happens over time if you eat a diet of predominantly cooked foods, which most of us were raised on.

When your body encounters cooked foods it requires a great deal of energy to break down because the food is cooked and low or void of digestive enzymes.  Over the years This process depletes the body of hydrochloric slowing down digestive function and eventually suppressing your immune system.

By incorporating more living foods into your family’s diet you are giving your system the enzymes and nutrients it needs in the bioavailable form that the cells can upregulate immediately.  The goal is to build up until you are eating  80 percent of your foods raw or below a temperature of 120 degrees, so lightly steamed veggies are fine.

When you do eat a cooked food meal, It is important to supplement with hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes.  The Supplement I recommend contains all the Enzymes, Hydrochloric acid and Bile to support the digestive process. It is called Gastrozyne.  To learn more go to this link:  Gastrozyne


Without proper digestion, after the age of 50 or 60 your healthy vibrant life will begin to diminish, your energy will decrease and you are more susceptible to disease.

When you begin to consume more live food and incorporate Betaine Hydrochloride and enzymes you will be extending your healthy life span by 30 percent.


What is Betaine Hydrochloric Acid?

Hydrochloric acid is the number one anti-aging supplement you can take to support digestion and extend your healthy life span, especially when eating cooked foods. HCL is produced by the parietal cells of the stomach when adequate salt is available. HCL is responsible for the acid mantle, pH of 1.5-3.5 in the stomach.

HCL has 4 functions:

    • Pulverizes your food into chyme so it can enter the small intestine and enzymatic reactions can further break it down and absorb the nutrients for fuel.
    • Sterilizes the food entering the mouth and protects the teeth, gums and stomach from bacteria, killing all but acid loving microorganisms within the foods we eat.
    • Activates and catalyzes the conversion of pepsinogen to pepsin to break down the peptide bonds of protein molecules.
    • Prevents demethylation within the cells of the body, thus keeping viruses and junk genes suppressed.

 Achieving radiant health and wellness in our senior years requires that we eat more live, raw and organic foods and maintain healthy digestion with adequate digestive enzymes and HCL. Poor digestion leads to a suppressed immune system (allergies, sinus infections, candida) and poor digestion (acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloating, weight gain, and distended hard stomach). 


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