Functional Blood Chemistry, The Future of Medicine Has Arrived

Title:  Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis,  The Future of Medicine Has Arrived

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis-Prevent Disease, Live Well 

Functional blood chemistry analysis provides a sophisticated interpretation of a “standard” blood chem screen and CBC with focus on changes in physiology rather than pathology.  The functional medicine software program developed by Dr. Dicken Weatherby of Optimal DX sets an optimal standard of health using sophisticated algorithmic software that interprets a standard blood test, identifying changes in values that signal functional deviation from the optimal range. This prevention focus allows medical providers to intervene before values reach pathology.  

The symptoms you are feeling such as fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, low energy, low libido, declining vision or thinning hair are real and will likely be detected in subtle changes in your biochemisty reflected outside of the optimal range, yet within the standard pathological range.  This allows intervention with nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle changes, to bring your body back to ideal “optimal” health and well-being. 

   ODX Functional Health Report                                                                                           

Do you want to see what your blood tests really can show you about your cardiovascular, hormonal, digestive and other body systems? Take a look at what the  ODX Functional Health Report can show you. Functional blood chemistry is designed to catch developing health problems before they occur.

Are you seeking a proactive, personalized, and comprehensive model of health? We have it here for you at Live Well

Lauren Hayden, MS and BCHN has completed extensive training in functional blood chemistry with Dr. Dicken Weatherby and Optimal DX.  As a certified functional blood chemistry analyst, and board-certified holistic nutritionist, Lauren will evaluate your existing lab work or provide you with a requisition to get lab work completed. You will schedule a 60-minute zoom interpretation consultation with Lauren to review your results and receive a profession Functional Health Report. During our consultation, we will make dietary, nutraceutical, detoxification and lifestyle recommendations to take preventative action and bring you back to optimal health.

ODX software provides us with a full range of each biomarker, to catch deviation sooner than later :

Think of a traffic sign:

  • Green is optimal health
  • Red is pathology
  • Yellow is caution, something is not right, intervention required
  • Benefits of Live Well’s Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Evaluates metabolic status, using Optimal DX Software
  • Identifies early health risks including:
    • Blood sugar
    • Cardiovascular health 
    • Thyroid Function
    • Autoimmune Disorders
    • Hormonal Imbalances 
    • Immune Challenges
    • Adrenal/Stress Dysfunction
    • Identifies nutrient imbalances (deficiencies or excesses)


Monitor  Maintain  Thrive

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Feel your best, Be your best, Live Well

The Live Well Team

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