Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX

Title:  Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX Live Well

Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX

            What comes to mind when we think about toxicity? You may think of asbestos in buildings, a toxic waste dump site, perhaps tainted water (like the Detroit scandal associated with high levels of lead), or industrial pollution.

The “dirty” truth is that life today, especially in the United States, is increasingly toxic.

Toxicity is actually much more prevalent to all Americans. Here are some facts:

The EPA allows over 80,000 chemicals to be used in products all around us with hundreds or thousands more being approved yearly. Most of these have never been safety tested, and those that were tested, were done in isolation – where each chemical was tested by itself, not taking accounting for the synergistic effects that often come with chemical combinations.

Where are these chemicals? The answer is, everywhere.

  1. Food through pesticides, fungicides, herbicides; through the 3,000 additives that are routinely involved in the food creation process.
  2. Food packaging – with many cans and boxes being lined with BPA and other harmful substances.
  3. Water Supply – the water we drink is full of metals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals – many of which are unable to be completely removed with filtration.
  4. Homes – in furniture, carpeting, electronics and appliances. Cleaning products, we use – just read the warning labels on your bottle of cleaner and you will see what I mean. They are in lawn-care products. They are in kitchens – the plastic containers, spatulas, cutting boards, aluminum foil and toxic cookware. And lastly, they are in personal care products – shampoos, soaps, lotions, sunscreen, make-up, shaving gel and many others.
  5. Prescriptions and OTC medications we take. In the cigarettes and alcohol.

What Can We Do?

We need to think of toxin avoidance and living a detox lifestyle. What does it mean to live a detox lifestyle? Consider two things:

  1. Engage with your environment to avoid toxins as much as possible (complete avoidance is not practical in our chemicalized way of life). Filter your water and air. Eat organic food. Buy organic furniture. Swap out your cleaning and personal care products for organic options. Ditch the nonstick cookware and plastics. Air out your house at least once a week. This is a process which will take some time, but studies do show that avoidance for a time will show marked improvements in overall body burden.
  2. Support your body with the nutrients it needs for effective detoxification. Science knows what the body needs for this – liver support, protein, B vitamins, key minerals. Diet is first – eating clean, whole foods, focused on produce, is a great start. But we also know that while the detox demands are increasing, the nutrients in our food, even organic food, decrease. Using an ongoing detox supplement can serve as an “insurance” policy for us. 

The number one, product I recommend is Medi-Clay FX


Medi-Clay-FX™ provides a rare source of calcium bentonite clay that helps promote detoxification.  Consuming clay internally has a long history of use with outstanding, health-promoting effects and has been used by various ancient cultures.

Unlike most sodium-based bentonites, Medi-Clay-FX™ contains a rare, freshwater-based bentonite believed to be the only known bentonite sourced from the site of an ancient underwater volcanic eruption that was flushed with fresh water for millions of years. This particularly unique smectite form of bentonite clay exhibits powerful absorptive detoxification properties.  It also does not bind with healthy minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium so can be taken at any time of day.

I hope you take my message to heart. I plan on writing more on detoxification to educate my audience on this important subject. Our health requires a focused sustained effort in this area. I am here to help.

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Feel your best, Be your best, Live Well

The Live Well Team

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