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Introduction to Qigong

Introduction to Qigong Barefoot on the Lawn in Nature to Rejuvenate  Mind, Body and Soul Join Pauline Reid, Qigong instructor for a powerful Chinese energy healing session barefoot on the lawn in nature!  Qigong, has been practiced for thousands of years in the East to create and …

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Liver Gallbladder Spring Detox with Qigong

Qigong and Liver Gallbladder Detox The Ultimate Detox for Rejuvenation and Disease Prevention   Join Pauline and Lauren for a fabulous day of energy healing and rejuvenation.  We will begin with an introduction to Qigong barefoot on the grass so dress warmly! Pauline …

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Cardio Protective Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

“Prevent cardiovascular disease,  understand the causes,  empower yourself to take action” Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and mortality in the industrialized world.  Current theories on the etiology of CVD formation include the endotoxin theory of damage to the …

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Disease Prevention Strategies for 2016

As we contemplate our wellness resolutions this New Year, consider integrating detoxification, nutritional supplementation and stress management components to your wellness program.   Mark your calendar and join us for an open house to learn simple strategies to make 2016 your year …

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Savings Incentive Plan – Save up to 10%

1. Order Incentive Program Important Note:  Orders must be placed before the end of the second week of each month. This program is designed to reward you for staying consistent with your health and the health of your family. It …

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Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Turmeric and Ginger

The inflammatory response is the body’s natural response to tissue injury of any kind.  It results in increased vascular permeability by the release of vasoactive and chemotactic factors to begin the repair and healing process, the emigration of leukocytes to clear …

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