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The Link Between Diabetes and The Brain

Diabetes (type 2) is one of the most perplexing problems facing Americans today.  It is linked to the Sad American Diet (SAD), obesity, and environmental toxicity.  Diabetes is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease and neuropathy and can cause limb …

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Holistic Strategies for Weight Management 

 Join Lauren Hayden and learn the truth about achieving and maintaining healthy weight.  You will learn the 5 essential lifestyle factors;  foods to eat and how to prepare them;  what foods to eliminate; and why fad diets and most weight loss products can be dangerous to …

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Prevention and Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive degenerative disease of the diarthrodial joints especially those that are weight bearing (Danning, 2013), including the knees, hips, shoulders and spine, but can occur at any joint.  Figure 1 contains the diarthrodial joints.  OA is …

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Introduction to Qigong

Introduction to Qigong Barefoot on the Lawn in Nature to Rejuvenate  Mind, Body and Soul Join Pauline Reid, Qigong instructor for a powerful Chinese energy healing session barefoot on the lawn in nature!  Qigong, has been practiced for thousands of years in the East to create and …

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Liver Gallbladder Spring Detox with Qigong

Qigong and Liver Gallbladder Detox The Ultimate Detox for Rejuvenation and Disease Prevention   Join Pauline and Lauren for a fabulous day of energy healing and rejuvenation.  We will begin with an introduction to Qigong barefoot on the grass so dress warmly! Pauline …

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Cardio Protective Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

“Prevent cardiovascular disease,  understand the causes,  empower yourself to take action” Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and mortality in the industrialized world.  Current theories on the etiology of CVD formation include the endotoxin theory of damage to the …

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