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Digestion – Our Gut Protection System, GPS

Radiant Health begins with healthy digestion.  Let us show you how to heal your digestive system holistically. Symptoms of poor digestion include: intestinal gas heartburn bloating acid reflux constipation acne allergies poor sleep belly fat weight gain IBS and ulcers …

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Maintaining Acid Base Homeostasis, Defense to Prevent and Treat Disease

Series 1: What is acid base homeostasis? An extensive international scientific evidence based literature review, performed Spring 2013 shows that maintaining acid base homeostasis is our first line of defense against diseases of the muscle, spine, bones, kidney’s, heart, diabetes, …

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“Detoxification with Energy Rejuvenation Therapy (ERT) is the ultimate 21st century anti-aging detoxification and biofield restoration method available today.” Lauren Hayden, CCS, HHP, QRA Energy Rejuvenation Therapy: detoxification Restoration of the body’s bio-energetic field April, 2013 Energy Rejuvenation Therapy (ERT) …

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