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Nutrition and Detoxification Therapies for the Treatment of Thyroid Disease

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The World Health Organization recognizes diseases of the endocrine system as being part of a worldwide disease epidemic (Sears, 2011). It is not uncommon for teenagers to be diagnosed with thyroid disorders. Environmental toxicity has only recently, in 2013, been confirmed as a leading cause of thyroid and many other diseases. Research demonstrates that endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) alter proper thyroid function via multiple mechanisms resulting in autoimmune disease. This development explains why conventional and holistic treatments for hormone replacement therapies in autoimmune diseases including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves Disease have not been effective and often result in surgical removal of the gland or treatment with radioactive iodine. Research now shows that the thyroid gland is being over stimulated in a chronic positive feedback mechanism because the thyroid hormones are not reaching or being received and utilized by the target cell receptors to perform their programmed function.

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