Chicken Soup with Bone Broth

Bone Broth Benefits It’s not an exaggeration to say that bone broth is popular – especially among health enthusiasts. And there are good reasons for this: Bone broth is rich in collagen and gelatin – proteins that play a crucial role in skin, joint and connective tissue health. They can also help keep your GI …

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Bean Salad Detox

How this recipe detoxifies the body The key detoxifying vegetables in this bean salad include Kidney and Black beans, onions and Cilantro.  The beans are very high in fiber which adds bulk to the stool supporting the function and elimination of the large intestine.  Onion is from the Allium family and supports the immune system.  …

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Ginger Green Tea with Honey Recipe

Halt Inflammation, With Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Green Tea & Honey Medicinal Benefits of Green Tea High in antioxidants – helps to fight free radicals Brightens the appearance of skin Anti-inflammatory- reduces oxidative stress and pain Anti-cancer – support immune function, promotes apoptosis (damaged cell death) and inhibits growth of new blood vessels that feed cancer Anti-allergenic …

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Improve Your Bone & Gut Health, Adopt a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Improve Your Gut Health, Adopt a Gluten Lifestyle This holiday season, I am inviting you to consider incorporating one dietary change that will have a huge positive impact on your family’s health……  Adopt a Gluten Free Lifestyle! We know how hard it is to make changes, but when done slowly over time it can be …

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Functional Blood Chemistry, The Future of Medicine Has Arrived

Title:  Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis,  The Future of Medicine Has Arrived Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis-Prevent Disease, Live Well  Functional blood chemistry analysis provides a sophisticated interpretation of a “standard” blood chem screen and CBC with focus on changes in physiology rather than pathology.  The functional medicine software program developed by Dr. Dicken Weatherby of Optimal …

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Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX

Title:  Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX Live Well Detoxify with Medi-Clay FX             What comes to mind when we think about toxicity? You may think of asbestos in buildings, a toxic waste dump site, perhaps tainted water (like the Detroit scandal associated with high levels of lead), or industrial pollution. The “dirty” truth is that life …

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Medicinal Use of Clay

Mud (fango) therapy is an ancient remedy that has been used to detoxify and cleanse the body through the skin (our largest organ), and to improve energy and rejuvenate the body to feel healthier.  It is the only known treatment to restore  cellular communication following a trauma (blunt force) or surgery. Mud bath treatments have been …

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