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Simple, all natural, holistic way to prevent colds and flu!

Written by Lauren Hayden. Posted in All, Nutritional Support


Preventing Colds and Viruses including many flu’s holistically!

Great products to have on hand this time of year are Colostrum, Smart Silver, and/or Oregano Oil to prevent colds and flu. 

To prevent cold or flu place one drop of Oregano Oil in water and drink before entering a public place. You can also put it in your water bottle.  It is really powerful and will pack a punch so do not put directly in the mouth.  Add one drop Limonene  Oil to cut it down.  It coats and kills anything coming into the buccal or nasal cavities coating the epithelium from top to bottom.  Great to have around the holiday season or traveling to the airport.  Do not give this to the kids, way too intense.

As soon as you feel a cold coming on immediately take one Colostrum and 1 Aloe-Mannan-FX and let dissolve under the tongue 3 times daily.  This will stop the progression or ease the symptoms.  You can give this to your children in there morning or before school during cold season.

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To your health and wellness!


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